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Restaurant Review: Sokyo – The Star

I’m often looking for new hidden eateries in Sydney, I’m not precious when it comes to food type – I love Thai, Tapas, Italian, Indian, Malaysian and of course Japanese!


So imagine my sheer delight when I was asked to come and check out Sokyo in The Star! My partner and I were invited to sample the $49 lunch menu – and might I just add… YUM!!!

We arrived at the cool restaurant, it was a hot 33 degrees outside, and as we were ushered to our table we could see the chefs working away in the kitchen, a quality I like.

The lunch menu is as follows (all include green salad and Miso soup):

I opted for the Tuna Umami for my Sashimi started dish, which was amazing. The tune literally melted in my mouth and there were so many flavours! I’m not normally a fan of raw fish, I remember once in Moscow I mistook a cube of tuna for a cube of water melon – less than idea (if I’m honest I think I’ve only just got over it!)

For my Tempura course I selected the Cuttlefish, this is also a dish that I wouldn’t normally select from a menu, but I figured I need to live a little and break outside my facade as a creature of habit! It reminded me of scampi that you get back in the UK, battered fish with aioli dressing. The fish was so tender and I have to be honest I was left wanting more. (Note the food is amazing, but if you’re looking for a filling hearty meal, this probably isn’t the choice for you).

The main, oh the main, the Lamb Chop Maple Miso – A culinary delight! The lamb literally falls of the bone! It was so tasty, but again a little shy on the portion size.

All in all I would recommend Sokyo if you have a client in town that you’re looking to impress, or if you have a date on the weekend and you’re looking too hit the dance floor after and don’t want to be too full. The lunch menu works out at around $70 per person if you have a cocktail and soft drink, which isn’t somewhere you’d want to visit daily due to the price, but in terms of food quality – it’s the perfect lunch/ dinner destination for that something special!

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