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Enroute to getting ‘Dangerously Fit’ – Week 1

I have made my first week of Dangerously Fit Boot Camp, I was so proud of myself getting up at 5:45am on Monday morning, even though I had a media call for one of my clients in the morning.

I walked down to Rushcutters Bay as the moon was still in the sky and the sun was still in slumber. As I approached the spot where the group was set to meet I was relieved to see that there was a good-sized mixed group of about 15 people. I was told we were to start the boxing camp at 6am sharp, and they weren’t wrong. As the clock struck 6am we all went into position to begin the warm up, it was a case of just getting stuck in and following the instructions of the boot camp leader.

Everyone in the group was so helpful in assisting the new members of the group to pick up the sequences.

The class as a whole is very energetic and definitely gets the blood pumping, it’s great as you get into pairs and work together as a team. As I was new to the group (and had never done boxing before in my life) my partner showed me what the difference between a jab and an upper cut and helped me to use my core and get the most benefit out of my work out.

After 45 minutes I felt recharged and at 6:45 had done a work my first work out of the week – it was in the bag, checked off my list… woop!!!

However, I went somewhat down hill after that, no boot camp on Tuesday morning, I had a friend’s dinner on Tuesday evening, Wednesday was Anzac Day of course (and I was working, boooo!). Thursday I had a media call at 6:00am in the city and worked until 9pm at night and then Friday had another media call at Parramatta at 9am with pure exhaustion setting in (i.e I was tucked up in bed for 8pm! Rock and roll hey). Before I went to bed and decided that I needed to pull it back, I laid out my gym gear for the morning and made my mind up that I would go to the 8:30am fat burning class at Centennial Park.

You know what… I made it! I was there all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The class was great, there must have been about 30 people. I turned up in my orange top (there’s an initiative for all members, a points system that enables members to be in the running to win a free year membership – points can be redeemed against weight loss, attendance, wearing your team colour etc) and got stuck into the work out, which was a punish, but made you feel amazing after.

Here’s a sneak peek of the work out:

Round 1 – Leg Buster – squats, burpees, stair climbers, prisoner squats, prisoner lunges, squat jumps nicely broken up with shuttles.

Round 2 – Circle of Death – pushup, burpee, reverse crunch, high knees, v up, plank walk – only a short 14 mins of pleasure adding 1 exercise each lap

Round 3 – Core Killer – crunch, run, plank walk, run, rotations, long run – 5 mins adding 1 exercise each lap

Round 4 – Plank/Push Up race

Fun.. :S

As if that wasn’t enough, I then had the ingenious idea to do a 10K run with my friend and I (in my infinite wisdom) have signed up to ‘Nike She Runs the Night’ which takes place this Thursday… I’ll pop more details up about this v soon! I made the full 10K, however have busted my knee which isn ‘t ideal!

So my first week over and I’ve weighed myself and I’m now 69.6, so all in the right direction, however I’m hoping to see more of a difference when I attend more than 2 classes a week!

Let me know if you’re interested in a free two-week pass to dangerously Fit.



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One thought on “Enroute to getting ‘Dangerously Fit’ – Week 1

  1. Hi! Just stumbled onto your blog. Will defos keep reading updates about how it goes. I am seriously considering signing up. If you still have a 2 week pass, Id be super keen please.

    Posted by workaholic | February 5, 2014, 4:23 am

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