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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Aussie celebrity stylist and designer Sophia Banks-Coloma

What a week it’s been so far at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia! But have you ever wondered what it’s like for a designer who dresses the biggest stars?


Well, we spoke with Aussie celebrity stylist and designer Sophia Banks-Coloma, who has flown all the way from LA to get inspiration for her star A-list clientele.

The style leader has previously launched brands such as Roland Mouret, Rodarte and contemporary line Whitley Kros

We caught up with Sophia in STAR bar where she revealed EXCLUSIVELY to us why she loves coming back to Sydney for fashion week…

 Sydney Social 101: Hey Sophia, hope you’re having a good time. So what are your key trend insights from Sydney so far?

Sophia: I love fashion week. There are a lot of prints at the minute. Bold prints, mixing print, print on denim, that’s one of the strongest things which Sydney is known for anyway. It’s kind of a like a worldwide trend that’s happening. Mint green is out there, which is a big colour in the US and there’s been a lot of yellow. I see the big shoulder thing coming back but also the simple, very structured, clean look along with big fabrics, so you’ve got those two things going on.

Sydney Social 101: What’s been your favourite collections so far at MBFWA?

Sophia: I loved them all. I styled the Bowie show and that was amazing. I’m here to look for red carpet dresses for celebrities back in the States and each collection has something I like from it.

Sydney Social 101: Out of all your many roles, what is your true passion?

Sophia: I love creating with designers. My top three passions are styling, costume design and then creative collaborations. I’m a person who likes change. I like different projects. It’s fun go one thing from another.

Sydney Social 101: Who is your fave celeb you’ve worked with?

Sophia: I love all my celebs. I had fun, I styled five people from cast of the Hunger Games recently. They were all so young, fun, and really sweet. It was a really enjoyable experience.

Sydney Social 101: In terms of countries, which is your fave style with regards to fashion?

Sophia: Australia of course, for the bright colours and for innovation and interesting shapes. Then Britain. Britain is Britain. They’ve been making it happen since the 60s. They have Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders and Mary. I wear more British designers than American. But Australia is more interesting it has more stuff for the red carpet. The British designers I love are more for editorial but you can’t put celebrities in those things for the red carpet. In Australia there are definitely more options for the red carpet.

Sydney Social 101: What advice would you have for aspiring fashionistas?

 Sophia: Just get anywhere you can, intern! Outwork anywhere, be there, keep working do all you can to make anything happen.

–          Sophia was interviewed by Sydney Social 101’s roving fashion writer Jennifer Fletcher.

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