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Sydney Film Festival – Free performances overview


Written by Sydney playwright Natalia Savvides and performed by mixed-media collective Fetish FrequencyThe Light Box is both a live performance and a graphic novel. Using paint and pen, Savvides’ world and characters grow out of blank pages to showcase the evolution of an idea from concept to lush visualisation.


After years aboard an endless cruise, a woman leaves to start a new life in a jungle far away. In doing so, she releases a husband and a daughter into their own chaotic lives. So much freedom will have its cost, however, and The Light Box is the tale of how such dues are exacted from a number of characters across a generation.


Saturday 9 June, 6-7pm

Sydney Film Festival Hub @ Lower Town Hall

483 George Street (enter on Druitt Street)


PERFORMANCE: Cinema Burlesque

Recently, Sydney’s thriving burlesque scene has been bursting at the seams with talent. For this specially curated soirée at the Hub, cult films like Reservoir DogsSin City and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are re-imagined as sassy, sexy live performances by Sydney’s top burlesque artists, with Tim Burton’s Catwoman reborn as a daring pole dancer who always lands on her feet.


Cinema Burlesque’s stellar line-up includes Frankie Faux, Kelly Ann Doll, Sheena Miss Demeanour, Delilah DuMoan, Anna Felactic and Dick Savvy, joined by DJ Jim Poe (Republic Music) behind the decks.


Saturday 9 June, 8:30-10pm

Sydney Film Festival Hub @ Lower Town Hall

483 George Street (enter on Druitt Street)


PERFORMANCE: Coming Sooner: The Art of the Movie Trailer

From the booming voice-overs to the big swooshy sound effects, Coming Sooner explores the art, science and hilarity behind the modern movie trailer.
Movie trailers are a big business. We view 10 billion trailers online every year. Hollywood studios spend millions of dollars on matching the right gravelly voice to each film and tweaking effects shots to get maximum buzz for that all-important opening weekend. Hell, film trailers even have their own awards (The Golden Trailer Awards). So, what makes a good trailer? And how do they work? Or, more importantly, how do they work on us? Join Marc Fennell, Nick Hayden and Nick McDougall as they take you through the history of modern movie trailer in an incisive and cheeky way.

Marc Fennell, Nicholas Hayden and Nicholas McDougall were part of the team behind the ABC’s Walkley, AFI and AATCA-nominated television series Hungry Beast. Fennell is better known as ‘That Movie Guy’ across Triple J, ABC Radio and Network Ten. Hayden is an award winning television producer and host of Hungry Beast. McDougall is an equally awarded editor and, let’s face it, the true brains of the operation.


Thursday 14 June, 7:30-8:30pm

Sydney Film Festival Hub @ Lower Town Hall

483 George Street (enter on Druitt Street)


A lot of the time when Sydney Social 101 has the privilege of being invited to social events, industry only festivals and screenings, we are reporting on events that you guys don’t get access to! This is the wonderful thing about Sydney Film Festival, there are so many events and performances that you are invited to enjoy and take part in! Here is an overview of the performances that you are cordially invited to attend! Hope you at least make it to one of them, I know I will!

PERFORMANCE: Keanu, Angelina and Denzel Walk Into a Bar…

Sydney’s top comics take turns on the mic, delivering hilarious tales inspired by cinema, festivals, movie stars and the glamour of working as an extra. The line-up includes actor, filmmaker and comedian Gary Eck and host Sally Kimpton.


Saturday 16 June, 8:30-10pm

Sydney Film Festival Hub @ Lower Town Hall

483 George Street (enter on Druitt Street)

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