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**SOCIAL SPY – Rock of Ages Sydney Premiere plus interviews with cast

Last night I was invited to the Sydney premiere of Rock of Ages by the guys at Roadshow Films. I have to be honest in saying that I’d seen the trailer several times and wasn’t really sure what the film was about, other than that it was musical in genre.

The film follows Sherrie Christian (played by Julianne Hough) who moves to Hollywood to follow her dream of becoming a singer (hmmm starting to feel like I’ve heard this many a time before…), who upon arriving in Hollywood she scores a job as a waitress of the Bourbon Room. The venue is an old school rock and roll bar and hosts gigs of upcoming and shining stars – Including Stacee Jaxx – A ‘rock god’ played by Tom Cruise.

Cue inevitable ‘break-into-song’ moments and the ultimate love back story that is cheesy to say the least. It is obvious from the start that the film is a massive piss take, which unfortunately didn’t click with a lot of the preview audience, who audibly scoffed and laughed at particularly cringe-worthy moments in the film.

Hough and Boneta have great chemistry on-screen, which makes you believe their romance.

The humour and ‘tongue in cheek’ elements of the film wasn’t lost on me, however I do think at times they pushed it slightly too far. Catherine Zeta-Jones could be accused of overacting in her role that saw her as the mayor’s wife who has a crusade to shut down the Bourbon Room and prevent her nemesis – Stacee Jaxx from performing his last ever gig there as part of a band.

Russel Brand pretty much plays himself as a Brit Bar back that has no interest in serving alcohol – he does provide some comical moments in the film – I guess they do say: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”

Credit where credit is due, Tom Cruise is brilliant in his role as Stacee Jaxx and actually borders on cool – which in my opinion, he hasn’t done in a VERY long time (apart from his turn as talent manager in Tropic Thunder, which is brilliant).

Suffice to say, if you watch the film in the spirit it is intended and enjoy the brilliant soundtrack, it is a fun film, which has an enjoyable yet predictable story line.

It certainly isn’t to everyone’s taste, would love to know which side you’re on – Love it or hate it?

It will be at cinemas across Australia on June 14th 2012.

Here are some exclusive interviews with the case and behind the scenes footage for you:

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One thought on “**SOCIAL SPY – Rock of Ages Sydney Premiere plus interviews with cast

  1. Wow I really want to see this movie now! Tom Cruise has seriously upped his game haha

    Posted by Anarty | June 13, 2012, 2:58 pm

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