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SOCIAL SPY – A feast for the eyes – Westfield Sydney – Edible Fashion

As I mentioned last week was a very busy week in terms of events! Not that I’m complaining at all, after being off work for a week due to an operation, and neglecting the blog somewhat, it was nice to get back into the routine of a full-time PR job and Social Spy blogger, ha!

This particular event was pulled together by the dynamic team at Liquid Ideas, having been to a few of their events previously, I had high expectations.

The event was called ‘Edible Fashion’ and was held in Westfield Sydney. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was hopeful however that it would involve food of some description. (One of the events I went to previously as a guest of Liquid Ideas was the Fat Yak launch back in 2011 at the Mongolian BBQ at Kings Street Wharf, the food is my favourite of all time – I’d highly recommend, it’s called Genghis Khan) I digress…

My beau and I headed to the Westfield in the CBD, which may I just add has shot up and grown so much over the past two years. If you’re heading to Sydney for a holiday and want to get some great shopping done, here is a great spot! With a Zara and a Topshop opening soon, you can get your high street fix, along with Aussie favourites Dotti, Sports Girl and Witchery. It’s also not far from the Queen Victoria Building that again, has a few hidden gems and designer boutiques, including a favourite of mine, Manning Cartel!

Upon reflection the event location did seem a little strange as we were located at the bottom of the escalators on Level 4 – The Australian Designer Gallery – which has shoppers frequently heading up and down via where the champagne was being served from. Whilst I understood the logic – the event was all about the fusion of fashion and food – what better setting than where the boutiques and eateries are located nearby! However in practice, it wasn’t probably the best location and was a little cramped.

We were treated to sparking wine throughout the event as we waited for the big reveal of the fashion creations, which has been designed and made using only edible food. We were also served interesting canapés from shot glasses, which in all honestly, were a little bit too fancy and didn’t fit with the theme of the event. Chicken and potato puree was served in a shot glass, crème cheese was served ‘lollypop’ style and cheese was served in a shot glass, on its own… a strange collection that didn’t really satisfy hunger pangs – but certainly was interesting!

To the big reveal, Westfield Regional Manager, Central Sydney Rachele Godridge announced that fashion designers had teamed with top chefs to create on off pieces to rival Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

Here’s the result:

“Neon Italia” – Ginger & Smart with Alessandro (Spiedo Restaurant and Bar) – Calico dress with a risoni pasta crust, clased with neon green paint and garnished with silver detail

“A Galan of Shells” – Arthur Galan with John Susman (Cloudy Bay Fish Co.) – Hand-sewn vest of Kinkawooka mussels and Cloudy Bay clam shells, set atop a silk slouch blouse, finished with nori-seaweed pants


“Grecian Fantasia” – Leona Edminston with David Tsirekas (Xanthi) – and crafed apricot and lavender meringue dress sprinkled with sugar coated edible flowers.


“Sesame Rocks” – One Teaspoon with Amy Chanta (Chat Thai) – Black sesame bikini top paired with woven pandan leaf shorts.


“The Dinner Suit” – M.J. Bale with Juston North (Quarter Twenty One and Becasse) – Charcoal black wool suit encrusted with black peppercorns, trimmed with Nigella seeds then layered onto a sea-salt shirt.


All in all it was a great event and it was a fantastic turnout, the only slight letdown being the canapés and the location. A great concept however by Liquid Ideas that perfectly positioned Westfield as an innovator and willing to take on board new ideas to raise awareness of exactly what it has to offer its customers.

Here’s the video from inside the event:

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