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The Dark Knight Rises REVIEW**(Spoilers… Possibly!)

It was seven years ago that Christopher Nolan brought Batman back to the big screen with its dark tones. Well the trilogy has finally come full circle with many fans wondering how it will end.
To be honest I went to the cinema feeling like I had seen most of the film. I have never seen so many trailers before the release of a film (that practically gave away EVERYTHING!) and was concerned that it would have ruined my enjoyment. The big scene where the American Football pitch crumbles under the player’s feet was incredible sight to watch. The fact that I had seen it 10 times previously didn’t give me the same shock value when watching the film in its entirety. I know that they have to draw in the crowd, but surely Batman can draw a crowd of its own without too many spoilers.

Now I have seen a lot of talk on Facebook etc on how people do not want this final film spoilt for them, so I will keep the details short (as I’m nice like that!).

Now to the plot: Batman is in hiding after being blamed for the death of Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, and Bruce Wayne is in hiding due to the depression of losing his only love: Rachel Dawes. Meanwhile a new terrorist, Bane, is starting to attack the city. As Wayne quickly realises through a series of events, this may have a connection to himself, in the dawning realisation he decides that it’s time to dust off the trusty cape and get back in to action.

The opening scene doesn’t disappoint and is exactly what you expect from Christopher Nolan. It is an exciting way to introduce the main antagonist is Bane played by Tom Hardy (calm down ladies!). Comic books fans will know Bane as having an influential part in the Batman’s history. However unlike the way he is depicted in the comics he is not addicted to venom to help him gain his strength.

I feel that unless you are a true fan, I don’t think this is missed from the film in terms of plot. Tom Hardy had to gain 30 pounds for this role to turn in to the huge monster. Tom had a lot to live up to following the late Heath Ledger and his incredible portrayal of the Joker. I am glad to say that he did a great job showing Bane’s brutish strength and merciless ways, though I did think the choice of voice for the character was a bit of an odd one at first.

As with every superhero film everyone is interested in the bad guys or girls!! Dark Knight Rises brings back one of Batman’s most well known villains: Catwoman. This time played by Anne Hathaway. I am pleased to say that she plays a very different version to the character portrayed in Batman Returns’ Michelle Pfeiffer. Anne brings a bit of glamour to the role and is a great edition as you never know whose side she is on. Funny thing is you never hear the name Catwoman throughout the film.

I have always thought Christian Bale was a fantastic Bruce Wayne and for the final time he doesn’t disappoint. He is very believable as he goes through all of Bruce’s struggles (and there are many). I do think he is Bruce a lot more than Batman in this one. Batman brings an with him an exciting set of new toys such as his motorcycle and The Bat!!!!

Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are welcome members to the cast. Both of them will put a smile on your face for their own reasons but I will let you find that out.

The usual suspects of the characters Michael Caine (Alfred), Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) and Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) complete the cast and all play their parts as you would expect of actors of their stature.

With Avengers having done so well and Superman around the corner, I do hope that the talks of the DC’s Justice League will see it come to the big screen.

It is a shame that Dark Knight Rises will always be associated with the tragic shooting in America. All our wishes go out to friends and family of those involved.

Sydneysocial101 gives Dark Knight Rises 9/10.

Dark Knight Rises’ review was written by resident ‘bloke’ reviewer: Syrus Wynne.

About sydneysocial

One twenty-something year old girl who has been living in Australia since Jan 2009.


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