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Stolichnaya Premium vodka last night invited Sydney Social 101 to the launch of ORGNL.TV (www.ORGNL.TV), a new, cutting-edge creative online project which showcases unique talent from the fields of art, music and fashion. Incorporating the global advertising campaign “The Most Original Moments, Deserve The Most Original Vodka,” ORGNL.TV serves as a blank canvas for both established and up-and-coming Australian artists to share, engage and explore their creativity through video.

Avril Turner, Narrth Jega

The launch event took place at CBD haunt, Assembly. The event marked the launch of the global activity, which will drive consumers to each local country Facebook page encouraging familiarity and interaction with the brand among the key target audience of young adults.

Hannah Kuzke, Lachlan Parka

Until October 29, 2012 individuals from selected markets will have the opportunity to submit their videos through exhibiting their art, music or fashion skills. Fans will then have a chance to vote on their favourite videos and the ORNGL.TV judges will choose 2 winners from the most-voted-for entries to join the live music, art and fashion show in New York City.

Lara Gardner, Britt Page, Gina Lednyak

To launch ORGNL.TV globally, Stoli selected five international talented stars within the art, music and fashion communities, to create unique content for ORGNL.TV. These talents will lead the program creating original pieces of artwork, fashion and music, each showcasing their point of view on what it means to be original.

Morgan Joanel, Sonya Mefaddi, Dara Hayes

Musical artists RJD2, a renowned musician who scored A Beautiful Mine, the hit theme song to Mad Men and Billboard top 20 artist Nina Sky, will create their own Stoli ORGNL tracks that will be available for fans to download from the website.  Fashion designer Nary Manivong will take fans through the process of creating an original fashion collection and Jeremyville, whose art work has received global acclaim, will create a one-of-a-kind Stoli-inspired painting, while internationally renowned sculptor and installation artist Charlie Becker will sculpt a piece created entirely from Stoli bottles.

Nathan Forde, Marketing manager at Island2Island, distributors of Stoli in Australia, says “ORGNL.TV is an initiative intended to provide aspiring talent the opportunity to showcase their creative process in their chosen field be it art, music or fashion. We have great talents collaborating with us in Australia and with the help of our local artists, we truly hope that ORGNL.TV will become a vehicle for Stoli to help discover and showcase a new generation of originality – inspiring artists who deserve to be seen and heard.”

There will be three global winners who will collaborate with three of the Stoli lead artists, fashion designer Nary Manivong, music composer Nina Sky and the popular street graffiti artist Jeremyville to unveil their creations at the live event in New York, hosted by Stolichnaya Premium vodka. Additionally, from Australia, 2 winners with a friend each will have the chance to be part of this live event in New York the first week in December.

The local influencers involved in this campaign to encourage young Australians artists to be part of ORGNL.TV are: Eugene Tan from Aquabumps; DJ Tigerlily and Sonya Mefaddi from Fashion Palette. Australian music and fashion artist Morgan Joanel will also contribute to the ORGNL.TV campaign by attending a variety of Stoli hosted events, advocating originality.

“To further reinforce the brand’s new advertising campaign and commitment to engaging and fostering a more active form of originality, we have developed ORGNL.TV—a video-based online platform offering artists, designers, musicians and creative personalities a stage to share their originality with the world,” said Marco Ferrari, CMO, SPI Group, global owners of the Stoli brand. “This multi-faceted project offers individuals the opportunity to not only gain insight into the creative process of these notable artists but also gives our fans a space in which they can share and explore their own originality.” For additional information on ORGNL.TV, visit www.ORGNL.TV

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