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SOCIAL SPY** Borderlands 2 Launch Party


Last week Sydney Social was lucky to be invited to the launch party of Borderlands 2, the new sequel developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The event took place in Good God Small Club, which is a great little bar in Liverpool St in Surry Hills in Sydney’s East. The back room is where the action took place and is often used for bands playing in to the early hours of the morning.

For this particular event, the set up worked quite well, the back wall had four screens playing Borderlands 2, with the option of invitees to play against each other on the Xbox to get a look and feel for the game. I was more than happy with this as it’s my console of choice. To add context and decoration, there were promotional ‘wanted’ posters around the room of the characters from the game. I particularly liked the touch of having the males and female characters on the toilet doors.

Sydney Social 101 enjoying the launch!

As with all promotional launches there were the promo girls walking around but they were equipped with 2 large guns, reminiscent of the game. There were also a nice touch of two midgets dressed up at the crazy axe midgets from the game. I did make sure I got a picture with all four of them!! The DJ played a great set throughout and the drinks kept coming.

I was very pleased when I was handed a goodie bag, mainly because I was surprised to find a free copy of the game. I may, or may not have, ran home quickly after that!!

Game Review

Now I must start out by saying that I was a big fan of the prequel. I loved the graphic style which is so different to today’s more popular shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Also the fact that there are so many different guns, apparently the first game generated 17.75 million possible guns. Each gun looks different in terms of style, colour, pattern and most importantly stats. Yes after playing for hours you may recognise the look of a weapon but you will never find the same stats twice. This was all part of the fun of the game, when I found myself asking if I should keep this gun or swap it for another. Then it had the extra twists of adding fire, electric, corrosion damage etc.

Now Borderland 2 is much bigger than the first, stating it has “87 Bazillion…Everything”. There are more guns in this game, more grenades, more shields, more class mods etc. It also brings alone four new characters for you to play with and who now have an even more impressive customisation abilities. Each has three branches of stats to build on and make in to your own character. There is Salvador “gunzerker” who can use two guns at once, Axton “commando” who uses a gun turret, Maya “siren” who can suspend enemies in the air and my personal favourite Zero “assassin” who can become invisible.

The graphics have been tweaked a fair bit and it is great that they have kept to the comic book style. My issue with the first game is that the surroundings were mostly barren desert wastelands. This time you also run around green fields and iced mountains, which is where my trial of the game took place.

Multiplayer is where Borderlands 2 really stands out and it is great fun playing through the story with three other people. It is great to see the same character but the differences in the way they have adapted them. The difficulty ramps up in multiplayer so that the game doesn’t get too easy. A word of warning, it is a good idea to make sure you are playing with friends you know. Otherwise you fall for the old trick of spending ages in a boss fight only to have the other player run around and steal all the loot, leaving you with nothing more than an empty gun.

Apparently there is going to be five lots of downloadable content (DLC) available ranging from new classes of characters and expandable story campaigns. I never played the original DLC but if it is anything like the original ones then it’s going to add many more hours of gaming for your money.

Borderlands 2 was released last Thursday with a recommended retail price of PC (RRP: $69.95), XBOX 360 (RRP: $89.95) PS3 (RRP: $89.95), Wii (RRP: $49.95) and PSP (RRP: $29.95) platforms.

Sydney Social gives Borderlands 2 a 9/10.

Syrus Wynne, Sydney Social’s ‘bloke reporter’ attended the event as a gust of Magnum PR.

Check out the venue:


Games pictures taken from the Boarderlands 2 official site:

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