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I went to the screening of Looper a couple of weeks ago and I can’t quite believe that I’m only just writing the review… Let me just start by saying that it was fan-bloody-tastic!! Not just a good movie, in my opinion, a great movie that will go down as a classic for many years to come!

LOOPER is set in the near future and involves a group of hit men called Loopers, who work for a crime syndicate in the further future. Their bosses send targets back in time, and the Looper’s job is to simply shoot them and dispose of the body. The target vanishes from the future and the Looper disposes of a corpse that technically doesn’t exist.

The Loopers work for a number of years, that is until they ‘close their loop’ by shooting their future selves, knowing that they’ve got the next 30 years to enjoy and spend their ‘well-earned’(ahem) gains.

A very clean system, that is unless you let your loop run… Herein lies the plot of the whole movie!

When I first started to think about the concept, I literally could not get my head around it at all! What I would say is that, you should try not to think about it at all. Just watch it and appreciate it for all it’s worth! You will not be disappointed!

The way they alter Gordon Levitt’s face to replicate a young Bruce Willis is amazing!

Looper stars Joseph Gordon Levitt (Inception), Bruce Willis (Red), and Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau). The film’s costars are Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo, and Jeff Daniels. Xu Qing,
Garret Dillahunt and Pierce Gagnon also make appearances.

Looper is directed by Rian Johnson, based on his original screenplay. Ram Bergman and James D. Stern produced the film, with Christopher C. Chen, Eleanor Nett, Dave Pomier, and Lucas Smith serving as co-producers. Director of photography Steve

Yedlin, production designer Ed Verreaux, costume designer Sharen Davis, composer Nathan Johnson, and editor Bob Ducsay led the creative behind-the-scenes team. Jamie Kelman and Kazuhiro Tsuji oversaw the special effects make-up, and casting for Looper was done by Mary Verniu. Executive producers are Julie Goldstein, Douglas E. Hansen, Peter Schlessel, and Dan Mintz.

Tristar Pictures, FilmDistrict, and Endgame Entertainment present a Ram Bergman production in association with DMG Entertainment of Looper. The film is distributed domestically by Tristar Pictures, a subsidiary of Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Group, and FilmDistrict.

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