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Sydney Social 101** Beautiful Creatures Review

When I am asked to review films I’m allowed to take a guest. Now I knew most my male friends would laugh at the invitation. To my luck the first female friend I asked jumped with excitement and told me she just finished reading the book. Jackpot I thought. This would be the perfect person to give their thoughts on how the book compared to the film. To be honest, I had no idea this was originally a book, aren’t they all nowadays.

Before I start this review I must say that I have watched Twilight, mainly because I don’t like to know half a story, I have also watched the sequels that followed. Don’t Judge! I do like my fantasy films but I think the films were far too soppy for me. Love stories are just not my genre. The reason I mention this is because Beautiful Creatures has attracted attention for the many similarities. The is a fantasy film based around a love story. I did go in to this viewing keeping an open mind, as always.

The story is about Ethan Wate, played by Alden Ethrenreich, who lives in a small quiet town where not a lot happens. Then the Duchannes family moves back to the town with their youngest member Lena, played by Alice Englert. The family are the outcasts in the town and there is something odd about them. Story sound familiar? Fairly quickly Ethan becomes attracted to Lena and a young love starts. Lena is hiding a little secret… she is a witch. On her 16th birthday she is going to become a good witch or a dark witch. Either way, her relationship with Ethan is not a good idea… Again I’m hearing Bella and Edward. Like the original Twilights both main actors are relatively new, but they do hold their own throughout the film.

Unlike Twilight there are some well known names to help back up the new comers. Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson play big parts in the film and are the stand out actors. I don’t want to give too much away in regards to their parts in the film.

So I asked my friend what she thought of the film and how it compared to the book. A grind on both of us was the heavy HEAVY South Carolina accents. As with all girls reading love stories they imagine the main character to be handsome etc etc etc. Apparently Alden doesn’t meet the standard of Robert Patterson. And I have to say Lena is no Bella. However it’s good not to have 10/10 looking characters all the time. As with most book to movie adaptations, there is a lot of differences between the two and there were some big differences. Again I will not spoil the changes or the film for those that haven’t read the book. I don’t think my friend was too impressed. Gee, free ticket and that’s the thanks you get.

I just don’t see Beautiful Creatures having the same hype as Twilight. I may be wrong as fans now need a new series to become obsessed about.

If you have read the book then be prepared for the changes. If you liked Twilight then I am sure you are going to like this film more than most.

Sydney Social 101 gives Beautiful Creatures 6.5/10. Beautiful Creatures was reviewed by Syrus Wynne, our guest blogger.

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