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I had seen the same trailer for this film a number of times, each time I got more excited to see the final product. I hoped this would be a funny film that reached the same level of comedy as Anchorman or 40 Year Old Virgin. Did it live up to my hopes??

The film is about two lonely young boys who become best friends over a love of magic. Years later they grow up to become Burt Wonderstone, (Steve Carell) and Anton Marvelton, (Steve Buscemi).

Their shows become bigger and bigger until they finally have centre stage in the grandest casino in Vegas. All is not well as they two start to drift apart over their repetitive boredom of the same tricks each night and Burt’s big headedness. In the meantime there is a new street magician Steve Gray, (Jim Carey), who is performing daring street magic. Soon the friendship breaks and they need to find a way back to the top.

It is obvious that Burt and Anton are taking off Siegfrid & Roy, while Steve Gray is meant to be Chris Angel. There are other nods to magicians like David Blaine. Carell and Buscemi are a great double act even if they don’t look like a great pairing. Carey is back to the Carey we all know, and some may love, with other the top acting, after all that’s what he is best for. He does steal the show with some outrageous over the top tricks, which I wont spoil. The first one will turn a few stomachs. The main characters are back by Olivia Wilde, Burt & Anton’s assistant (Amazing), and Alain Arkin, Burt’s magician mentor. Both characters add a lot of humour outside of the main three.

A lot of the film is predictive but most are in this genre. It is the constant jokes that you would expect from comedians of this calibre that keep the film going. I’ve noticed with a lot of comedy films recently that the jokes start to slow down about half way through as if they are out of steam, not here!!

If anyone is a fan of Steve Carell or Jim Carey, then this is them at their best and you wont be disappointed. No its not an Anchorman or 40 Year Old Virgin, but this is definitely a film I would love to see again for an abundance of funny stand out moments. I haven’t heard a cinema audience laugh out loud for so long.

Sydney Social 101 gives The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 8/10. It was reviewed by Syrus Wynne, Sydney Social’s resident critic!

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