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Movie review** The Host


Please bear in mind before you read on that if you are a big fan of the book or are very excited to see this film then stop reading. I have only been reviewing films for a little while now, (I hear you say You can tell), however I have been lucky enough to never write a negative review. So I am disappointed that this will be my first one.

It is always great to be invited to previews of films and again I wanted to take a friend who had read “The Host”. The Host is a science fiction / romance novel written by Stephanie Meyer. It is based in the future where parasites called Souls have take over the human race and made it peaceful.

Melanie Styrder, played by Saoirse Ronan, is one of the few remaining humans. She is caught and given a Soul called Wanderer. It takes over her body and can see her memories. Only some humans are strong and the Souls cant fully take control. This is where you start hearing Melanie talk to Wanderer in her head. This is also where I saw a number of people walk out the cinema. Even my friend, who had read the book, put her head in her hands. It just sounded weird and not something I wanted to sit through two hours of.

The film follows Melanie’s quest to take back her body, search for her brother and the one she loves. Yes this does become a massive chick flick. Without spoiling it, there are a number of occasions which are outright silly. The audience were in hysterics for a large part of the dialogue. We were hoping that they were laughing cause it was so stupid rather than actually being amused by poor jokes. There were parts where the actors said things or guessed things which they couldn’t have known. It just seemed like it was there to push the story on. One thing which annoyed me was when Wanderer had to cross the desert. She bent down and picked up a bottle of water from the ground. WHAT!! WHERE DID THAT SUDDENLY COME FROM??

Diane Kruger is the leader of the Seekers who are funny enough are seeking out Melanie and Wanderer. William Hurt is the leader of a group of humans in hiding. Both of these actors are not able to save this film.

The idea of the film could have been great if it was pulled off better. I just thought the whole film was cheesy and I didn’t care what happened to any of the characters. I am glad I had a female view so it wasn’t just a guy hating on a romance film. Apparently a 2nd book is being made. NO STOP IT NOW!! If I am invited to the screening of the next film then I would like to say thank you and decline in advance.

SydneySocial101 gives “The Host” 3 out of 10 stars.


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