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Film Review: Olympus Has Fallen


When I was invited to the screening of Olympus Has Fallen, i have to admit that I didn’t know anything about the film. As alway I like to keep away from trailers and any spoilers. I could tell from the poster that it was going to be an action film, but I wasnt expecting this pleasant surprise.

The film starts out with Aaron Eckhart, as President Benjamin Asher, who is getting ready for a big party with his wife and son. He is protected by his national security team, led by Gerard Butler as Mike Banning. You can see straight away that they have a tight friendship. Not spoiling the film, cue a big incident that leads Mike to end up one of the team.

It is a couple of years later and the Prime Minister of Korea comes to visit the president in the White House. Codename ‘Olympus’. Suddenly there is an attack in one awesome scene. Lots of action and explosions which are all intiated by something really cool. Again I wont spoil it. There is a very early twist in the film, but like me I am sure you will see it coming.

The President is captured in the White House and is held hostage by Koreans. They want America to move their troops out of Korea. Mike Banning is not gonna let this happen and begins his one man assault on the White House to save the President. You have definetly seen before in different forms. The hero is completely outnumbered but is able to take on the whole army and save the day. Arnie was great at it and so was Bruce Willis. Butler easily steps in to their shoes. If anything this reminded me a lot of Die Hard 1. Yes we have all seen it before but it has not been as good as this for a long time.

The film also stars Morgan Freeman as Speaker of the House and Angela Bassett as Secret Service Director.

The film is very patriotic with the American flag seen a number of times in slow motion. This did receive a lot of laughs from the non American audience. The film has been released in good timing with real life Korean events heating up.

With Gerard Butler in the lead role along with Aaron Eckhart, there is something for the girls. But this is a true boys action film at heart and I highly recommend it!!

Sydneysocial101 give ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ 8/10. The review was written by Syrus Wynne.

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