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Movie 101: The Hangover 3

Sydney Social 101 was invited to review The Hangover 3 by Roadshow Films. Syrus Wynne, our roving movie reporter provides his view of the film…

So the Wolfpack are back for one last adventure as the Hangover trilogy comes to an end. I loved the first film and thought it was hysterical, even after watching it a couple of times. The second film wasn’t as good and I thought as it leaned on a lot of old jokes from the first. I was left wondering where the story was going to go.

Thankfully the setup for Hangover 3 had nothing to do with any hangovers and lost memories from the night before. This time everyone is fed up with Alan. He still hasn’t grown up and is still the imbecile that we all love to hate, so his family decide that he needs to go to rehab. After a bit of convincing and with the guidance of the wolf-pack, they all set off to Arizona. This is where it takes its usual turn for the worse…

Without spoiling the film, a gangster played by John Goodman wants the boys to find the insane Leslie Chow. He has been locked away in prison since the end of the second film, but has escaped. Doug is taken hostage and the the three regular cast members are left alone to sort things out. Again they get up to there same antics which lead them to Tijuana, Mexico, and then finally back to where it all started in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately even though I was happy to see a change in direction from the first movies, I felt that it strayed too far in the wrong direction. The jokes were there but not as often as in previous films and there was only a couple of time when the audience laughed out loud with a few chuckles along the way.

Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis, is where the usual jokes are, however at the same time he is made to stand out far beyond Bradley Cooper and Ed Helmes, Phil and Stu. Most the jokes revolve around him and Mr.Chow. There is nothing mildly as amusing as Stu and the lady boy from the 2nd movie. Though references to it do come up.

As always with trilogy’s, if you have seen the first two films then you need to know how it ends. Unless you are a big fan of the series, I think you will be disappointed by this one.

Do wait around after the first part of the credits as they do have a marvel style after credit scene. This will bring a few laughs and possible though hopefully not, open the doors for a fourth movie.

Sydneysocial101 gives ‘Hangover 3’ a not so funny 5/10.

Despite Sydney Social’s lukewarm review Box office results show that Australians are not quite over their Hangover, with the third and final instalment of the film claiming the number one spot on its opening weekend.

Director Todd Phillips’ conclusion to the three-part opera of mayhem, despair and bad decisions grossed approximately $8.9 million on 496 screens across Australia from Thursday to Sunday to be the biggest opening weekend for a comedy in 2013. It is also the year’s second highest opening weekend behind Iron Man 3 (3D).

The first two films of the record-breaking comedy franchise earned $54 million in Australia and just over $1 billion internationally.

“Australians have always been known for their wild sense of humour and with results like this it is clear that we are not ready for the party to be over,” said Roadshow Films Director of Marketing Phil Oneile.

THE HANGOVER PART III is rated MA15+ and was released in cinemas nationally on May 23, 2013.

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