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Eau de Vie & Bakery Hill whisky partner up to create a bespoke blend


Award winning cocktail bar Eau de Vie has partnered with acclaimed whisky producer Bakery Hill to create a bespoke blend for one of the barʼs signature cocktails.

In what the venue believe is a world first, manager Greg Sanderson has worked with David Baker of Bakery Hill to create a blend specifically for the barʼs variation of the famous Bobby Burns cocktail.

“The Bobby Burns is one of the worldʼs great whisky cocktails, and we wanted to do something special for our new cocktail list.” Sanderson says. “Working with David Baker has been amazing and after a couple of months worth of sampling and experimentation I am very excited about the whisky blend we have created for our Bobby Burns.”

“To craft a great cocktail not only is it important to have a vision as to what you are trying to achieve but also to develop the structure on which the cocktail itself is based. As the whisky is one of the most important structural components Greg and I spent months discussing, crafting and refining the flavour and aroma of the very whisky to be used as the foundation of this remarkable Bobby Burns”, says David Baker. “Once this was achieved Sanderson applied his genius and the result is pure magic”

Eau de Vieʼs Bakery Hill whisky will be served exclusively in the Bobby Burns Cocktail.
Eau de Vieʼs Bobby Burns Cocktail

Eau DeVie Bakery Hill Bobby Burns Whisky is stirred down with fig infused house blended vermouth, and a dash of D.O.M. Benedictine and Angostura bitters. Served up with home-made shortbread.

50ml Bakery Hillʼs Eau de Vie Whisky
20ml House blended vermouth infused with fig ( 10ml D.O.M. Benedictine
1 dash angostura bitters
Stirred, served on an antique side plate with doily and short bread cookie

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