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Movie 101** Man of Steel

Monday night in the pouring Sydney rain Sydney Social 101 was invited to the black carpet premiere of Man Of Steel. It was fun to walk down the carpet with fans screaming and people taking pictures. Unfortunately though they were not there to see me. Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe and Zack Synder were close behind me. Nothing wrong with me smiling and waving a little though. Once we were in our seats, after a little wait, all three of them came in to introduce the movie.

I remember one Christmas when I got my superman outfit and my parents chasing me around trying to stop my jumping from couch to couch. I didn’t want to be a policeman, an astronaut or a fireman. I wanted to be Superman. Now I am an 80s child and grew up with Christopher Reeves as Superman, which he will always be remembered for. All of the films were tongue in cheek and no one really got hurt. The animation of Superman flying was great at the time but dated when you look back now. It is a shame that the new generation will never get to appreciate the original films, well just the first two at least. Then there was The Return Of Superman, which to be honest I don’t remember seeing all the way through and have no intention of attempting to again.

Man Of Steel is a combination of Superman 1 and 2 but it has been adapted to make itself its own film. The underlining story is a change to the original film and comics but gives the movie a different angle. Everyone knows the story about how his parents sent him to Earth but this time it is told differently and has a stronger back story.

Russell Crowe plays his father Jor-El and you learn about his relationship with General Zod, played by Michael Shannon. I also thought it would start out with Clark as a young boy learning his powers and growing in to superman. What is great here is that he is already an adult and the scenes of him gaining his powers are told in flashbacks throughout the movie. This means that the action kicks off right from the start.

Henry Cavill has huge shoes to step in to after Christopher Reeves. He does bring his own touch to the part but still remains true to the Superman we know. He is much bigger than in the original but perfectly looks the part and there a few topless scenes for the girls to enjoy. But Henry is fantastic in the role and does it proud. He will definitely become an icon as Superman for many years to come.

Besides Avatar, I have never seen so much use of green screens. The effects and scenery is over the top but fantastic all the way through. From seeing Krypton explode to the tumbling city. It may be over used but its perfect for this type of film. The fight scenes were absolutely incredible and caused more destruction that a godzilla movie. Superman and Zod’s generals were being thrown through tower blocks as they crumbled. You really felt the speed and impact as they were flying in to one another. Most fight scenes in films are over quickly but these went on for ages. I had no complaints there as this was the real action we came to see.

There have been many comic book film adaptations over the last few years, some good and some bad. The Avengers film was great as it brought all of the characters together and tied in well with the separate films. But I have to be honest I think that Superman stood out way above the rest. I could say that it was the best stand alone superhero movie I have ever seen. It did have more of a darker adult theme, similar to Dark Knight. You could tell that Christopher Nolan had a hand in producing this. If they do decide to make a Justice League film, combining Superman with Batman, then we are in for something sensational.

This is everything you want from a Superman movie and I can’t wait for what comes next. I hear rumours that a sequel could be fast tracked to next year. I’m sure that is too good to be true. Over the next few months there will be a new generation of superman fans and a fair few superman outfits being worn this christmas. I wonder if mine still fits?

SydneySocial101 gives ‘Man Of Steel’ 9/10 and I don’t believe in 10s!

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