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Movie 101** Pacific Rim

SydneySocial101 was recently invited to the screening of Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro. I have seen many of his films which he has either directed, produced or written. This is the first film for a long time where he has done all three. He always has his quirky touch and is recently mostly known for Hellboy. So we already know what he is capable of when given big budgets, but what do you do when you are given $190 million to use? You have to make a film as large to match it.

The film starts out explaining how large monsters, nicknamed Kaijus, started coming through the seabed floor of the Pacific Rim. They began attacking the cities killing thousands and the army struggled to hold them back. But as the attacks became more frequent, the countries put their resources together. They created the Jaegers, who were large robots on similar scale to the Kaijus. To be able to control the Jaegers they required two pilots to work together. Their minds and memories had to sink together to full be in sync and control the giant robots. Charlie Hunnam, from Sons of Anarchy, plays Raleigh Becket. He has an incident at the start of the film and is recruited back in to the Jaeger programme which the government has given up all hope on, as the Kaijus are becoming too powerful. There are only four Jaegers left and he has to choose a new partner to act as the last stand against these monsters.

There are not too many big names in the film but Ron Pearlmen of Hellboy fame, often cast in Guillermo’s film, plays a small part. He seems to be typecast in similar roles but he does play them well. Charlie Day as Dr.Newt Geiszler brings the comedy to the film where it needs it.

I recently reviewed ‘Man of Steel’ and I thought that had over the top CGI. Though this takes it to another level. You really get to believe the large scale of the robots as they fight the monsters in the sea and through the cities. Again the destruction within the cities is on an enormous scale. Pacific Rim reminds me of the old Godzilla movies and the Japanese tv series Ultraman. Though if you are looking to see either film, I would stick with Man of Steel.

I think young boys who like the transformer movies will love this. I can not say that I really brought into the storyline as it was very basic. You could guess the outcome of each scene from the start. The story goes a bit crazy near the end as they realise where the monsters are coming from and what they need to do to stop them. But the real movie is about the robots and they do provide a lot of fun along the way.

SydneySocial gives ‘Pacific RIm’ a monstrous 6/10!!

Reviewed by Syrus Wynne, Sydney Social 101’s roving movie reporter!

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