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Movie 101** The Conjuring

SydneySocial101 was invited to the late night showing of The Conjuring. Now I have seen the trailer for this film with a number of different people. One of my friends didn’t get passed the first 10 seconds before she was covering her face and ducking behind me. Another time I was with, who I thought was a grown man, but he jumped at every possible moment. Remember this is still the trailer, so I was excited to see what the feature film had going for itself.

The film is based on real paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Famiga. I did my research before the film and learnt that they apparently investigated the Amityville Horror which was also made in to a film. The fact the film is meant to be based on real events, weather you believe it or not, make the film that much scarier.

It starts out with the Perron family and their five girls moving in to a new house. Of course this house is located by a lake, surrounded by trees and miles away from the nearest neighbour. What scary house wouldn’t. The family start to hear strange sounds throughout the house and eventually it leads to a basement that has been boarded up. What good haunted house doesn’t have a basement? The children often play a game of hide and seek where one is blindfolded while the others clap 3 times. The claps draw the blindfolded person closer. These are the best scenes and the ones from the trailer. They are drawn to the claps but find out that no one is there. The fact you see the hands clapping is where the jumping moments begin.

The children start to become affected by the house and quickly the Warrens are asked to investigate. Lorraine has physic powers which allow her to see where ghosts are. They realise that something is wrong in the house and they need to help the Perrons quickly. The Warrens have their own side story about their own family and daughter which is a good side step from always being in the main house.

The Conjuring is very good at building the tension and throughout the film there plenty of moments, which are not for the faint of heart. It is also great the there isn’t too much of a gap between these sections so if you are spooked easily then you will have permanent hand prints on your face. You are also likely to miss most of the film.

I have seen many horror films but only a couple in the cinema. I highly recommend that this is one of those films that needs to be seen in the cinema. If you have to wait to see it on dvd then make sure its at night with a pillow to hand. (Sydney Social’s Editor does not concur! Not a fan of scary films) ūüėČ

The film was reviewed by Sydney Social’s roving movie reporter, Syrus Wynne

SydneySocial101 gives ‘The Conjuring’ a creepy 8/10. Definability one to watch with the lights out!!

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