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Fitness 101 – Get fit in Bondi

Here at Sydney Social 101 we’re always looking for new ways to keep fit and remain healthy – work hard, play hard right?!
Here are a few products and services that can help us all along the way:
Vie Active
Vie Active is Australians premium active wear brand, born in Bondi and founded by Noa Ries, a personal trainer, triathlete, mum and fitness instructor. Noa saw a gap in the market for functional and stylish active wear that could sustain the toughest workout and you could still feel great in at 4pm after a full day.
Vie Active was born out of a belief that being fit and healthy is a way of life. Cofounders Noa and Bryan draw their inspiration from a lifelong passion for active sports, high-performance athletics, and their dedication to a healthy lifestyle.
Vie Active’s inaugural range has been developed with the finest Australian Merino wool and this high-tech performance fabric and design details are attracting Sydney’s top yoga instructors, fitness trainers and health professionals and just after launching Vie Active has an impressive list of activists who love the brand.
Detox in a Box
Shireen, (owner and founder of Detox in a Box™), welcomes her Moringa leaves to Sydney. Shireen comes from a family of Agriculturalists, Health Professionals and Natural Therapists. Currently studying nutrition, Shireen; a Coeliac, had both parents suffer from Cancer, this is what drives her toward a balanced, disease-free life.
She is a wife, a mother, health-preneur and wellness advocate, who resides in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and desires to share her Grandmother’s wellness secret.
Shireen has produced a range of herbal organic detox tea’s and is the first Auatralian owned company to bring Moringa tea into Australia. Moringa boasts an impressive range of health benefits and is the basis for educating on the benefits of Moringa. Detox in a Box products are organically farmd and wholly Australian owned. The benefits of Moringa are just starting to become known in Australia and these products are paving the way for healthy nutritious beverages.
Blake Worrall-Thompson, Bondi Celebrity Trainer, Founder Ministry of Wellbeing and successful 6 Weeks to Sexy Program
Blake is well known around Bondi and one of the most sought after fitness experts in the country. Blake’s innovative and holistic approach to health and fitness has seen him become a regular in a number of publications around the country and the fitness expert on ‘Eat yourself Sexy’.
Blake has been running a successful female six week program – Six Weeks to Sexy and has seen tremendous results with clients hailing from Bondi and its surrounds. So successful that plans to take the program online and interstate (already in Adelaide), Blake will be able to spread his fitness and health wisdom around the country.


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