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Fashion 101 – Crumpler Revolution

There’s anew fashion statement in town…

Three Melbourne-based bike couriers, Dave Roper, Stuart Crumpler and Will Miller recognised the need for durable stylish bags back in 1992 they needed a bike bag that was easily opened and closed, weatherproof and strong enough to carry beer while riding a bike! You know, the fundamentals. And so, while you were busy watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, they did something about it. PVC was out, strong Nylon was in, bags were ripped apart and stitched back together, and eventually, the perfect messenger bag was created. People noticed these colourful, highly functional bags being worn by bike couriers, and wanted them for themselves. Crumpler was born.

the CrumPler eVOlutiOn.

Today, people recognise the Crumpler logo instantly. Since the first store opened in Fitzroy in 1999, the brand has extended its product range far beyond messenger bags; think of Crumpler now, and camera bags, luggage or unfathomably durable backpacks come to mind. The brand’s passion for simplicity, experimentation and durability is world-famous, as is their “til death do us part” lifetime guarantee.

It’s working: there are 14 Crumpler shops Australia-wide (one of them, Westfield Doncaster, is an internationally award-winning retail space), the brand is stocked in over 300 stores worldwide, and their own stores in New York (2002), Singapore (2004) Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, San Francisco, Beijing plus European stores in Germany, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. And of course, they sell online globally.

WhY? beCause CrumPler Obsesses OVer What PeOPle dO, and What theY need.

It’s not just design and craftsmanship that consumes Crumpler. What people carry (a tablet, phone, two chargers, a laptop and an SLR), how they live, work and move (tram, bus, car, flight to London, skateboard) forms the framework of the brand. The bags are for the people, and they evolve with the people. We all want to carry all our stuff in something reliable, ingenious, practical and stylish that makes life easier. Crumpler provides that.

the team is intimidatinglY imPressiVe.

As well as co-founders Will and Dave, the Melbourne HQ is home to a dazzling menagerie of engineers and designers, including pattern makers from Vietnam and Japan, a milliner, and Brand Director Sam Davy, formerly Creative Director of Apple. Each Crumpler design still begins as a paper pattern, and only the most useful and exceptional prototypes make it to the showroom floor.
CrumPler is abOut tO gO neXt leVel.

It’s go time. First up is Wren, a new seasonal and trend-based female range designed for girls who want to house their tech and personal gear all in one stylish tote, bag or satchel.

Following the success of the Dry Red travel range. this October Crumpler will launch its first hard-shell premium luggage, further solidifying the brand as a leader in luggage.

Whether you’re a thinker, traveller, designer, doer or maker, Crumpler has got your back. (Or your side, depending on which bag you choose and where it sits on your body.)


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