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For the first time in Australia, from 6th September until 13th October 2013, Sailor Jerry presents Hotel Street (12 Kellett St. Kings Cross), a venue dedicated to live music, film, clothing and an exhibition of over seventy distinctive and pioneering pieces of artwork from the legendary tattoo artist Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. Sydney Social was invited to the opening night, it did not disappoint!!!


Named after the infamous Hotel Street District, in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins defined his style and built his reputation in the crucible of the tattoo arts. Hotel Street is a place where people can immerse themselves in the Sailor Jerry culture and enjoy a Sailor Jerry drink.


The art has been brought together for the exhibition following extensive restoration by The Conservation Centre for Art & Historic Artefacts (CCAHA) in Philadelphia, USA. The newly preserved collection of original artwork includes a range of stencils, rubbings and hand drawn design sheets – known as ‘flash’ in the tattoo industry – that were used in Norman Collins’s tattoo parlour in the gritty Hotel Street district.

Established to ensure his legacy lives on, the lifestyle brand that bears Norman Collins’s nickname, ‘Sailor Jerry’, is partnering with CCAHA on a long-term project to ensure as much of the iconic artist’s work and life is rejuvenated and archived for future generations to enjoy. The world’s largest exhibition of his work has been displayed in museums in the USA and in London at Hotel Street in 2012 before arriving in Australia. The level of expertise and detailed work involved was captured on film and can be viewed at


Commenting on the collection, Enda O’Sullivan, Sailor Jerry Global Brand Director said: “Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins was quoted in 1972 saying, “I don’t want to just copy the work of the old masters; I want to give it my own thrust”. The restoration of his old-school artwork really brings this to life as the bold colours, detailed drawing style and innovative tattoo techniques are shown off at their best. Norman Collins was a pioneer for American tattooing and his independent spirit, zest for good times and uncompromising attention to detail are traits we aim to keep alive not only through this collection, but the clothing, the music events and the rum that carries his name.”


Hotel Street will transform into a socially-integrated, interactive experience. By using RFID technology to link with Facebook, Hotel Street guests will be able to check-in and post photos automatically via flash tattoo-inspired smart pendants (wearable-tech that doubles as an entry pass). Interactive points around Hotel Street will include the live music stage and the art exhibition, extending the exclusive Hotel Street experience onto social platforms, allowing guests to share Hotel Street with friends around the world.


To go with a Sailor Jerry, Sydney’s favourite food truck Eat Art Truck will be serving up American BBQ street food the way it should be. Run by renowned Australian chef, Stuart McGill (ex Tetsuya’s), Eat Art Truck (EAT) has created a bangin’ BBQ sauce incorporating Sailor Jerry’s Rum, which will be served on some of EAT’s old favourites, exclusively at Hotel Street, and can be washed down smoothly with a spiced rum or two.

20130906_Hotel_St_Day_2_Photos_by_Oscar_Colman-27 2

Hugh Payten Smith, Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador says, “Hotel Street will get under the skin of The Man and the cultural following around him, all the way from the music and his art to the drinks”


Alongside this unique exhibition, Norman Collins’s life and influence on tattoo design can be seen in the film Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry and book, Homeward Bound: The Life & Times of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry. Both chronicle the life and artistic legacy of Norman Collins and the emergence of this enduring art form.


Forty years after his death, his work is more influential than ever. Look around almost any tattoo parlour today and you’ll see artists practicing his techniques and his style.

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