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Movie 101 – Riddick Review (Spoliers)

This is the third film in the Riddick series after Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. The original film is where Vin Diesel was first given his chance as lead character on the big screen. It was a great film and became a cult classic. It was great to see him as the villain with turned hero. He had his trademark goggles with his eyes which helped him see in the dark and fight the onslaught of aliens. Great idea! The second film The chronicles of Riddick’s moved away from the alien theme and was about a race called the Necromancers, who were attacking a planet. This film moved away from the element of being in the dark and was like every other sci-fi film.

I was looking forward to this film as it was going back to basics and leaning on the pitch black element. But besides that I couldn’t be more wrong. The first 20 minutes was drawn out and nothing really happened. It briefly showed how he came to where he was but I felt it was pointless. Without spoiling the film, he kept injecting himself with something but you don’t find out what it actually did. I did confirm this with a few people after and they were none the wiser.

The film felt like it was split in two. The next hour involved bounty hunters coming after Riddick and another group who wanted him for different reasons.  Then the final forty minutes switched to a different specie of aliens who started attacking them while it was dark. Again the use of the goggles came out but these elements weren’t used as well as the original. There were plenty of times where there was silly unnecessary one liners or comments that just didn’t need to be there. My friend and I were staring at each other after they were said as to how irrelevant they were.

The film did seem like Vin Diesel had written it himself and everything was about him being amazing and battling through any challenge. Admittedly I found it really silly and disappointing.

SydneySocial101 gives ‘Riddick’ a wait for dvd 4/10. Oh yeah, I failed to mention that my friend woke me up twice in the first hour.

The film was reviewed by Sydney Social 101’s resident movie reviewer, Syrus Wynne.

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