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 More details have been unveiled about the unique experiences that await you at The Rocks Village Bizarre, taking place over eight Friday nights from 1 November to 20 December.


Presented by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, The Rocks Village Bizarre will see The Rocks and its enchanting laneways transformed into a world of mystery, market stalls and wandering minstrels with a twist.


Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Creative Producer, Michael Cohen says to expect the unexpected when you visit the event.


“It’s more than just an event; it’s a weekly adventure into weirdly wonderful – and one that will change each and every Friday. We encourage everyone to make repeat visits after work to ensure they get to experience all that The Rocks Village Bizarre has to offer. Areas will be transformed and there will be curious things on offer at every turn. You never know what you’ll find along the way.”


The Rocks Square will be the hub of the festival, taking us on a journey through time with a new theme every week. Witness the transformation from the 1920s and the roaring speakeasy bar the Gin Mill Social, then travel off the planet for Club Bizarre, where all the time zones are warped and the secrets in store all the more tantalising. Or why not travel into the future for Zin Party Mode, where money is no longer in use and a bartering system will challenge even the most daring of guests to live by a new set of rules, all in party mode


Along the journey around The Rocks, guests will experience everything from love potions to magicians in the edgy but safe Greenway Lane. The Cabinet of Curiousities will be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Move into Kendall Lane and you’ll find the Irascible Dr Mackellar’s, where you can partake in rousing oddments to complete your journey.


Not all performers will be content to remain hidden away amongst the laneways, however, with the streets of The Rocks set to be bursting with roving performers. From the Croon-a-Cart‘s karaoke party-in-a-trolley, made up of DIY computer hardware, to collective entertainers  110% who will march through the rocks with Olympic precision, synchronising their efforts as they inspire endurance and optimism in all of us.


Need someone to talk to? At Cleland Bond, enter the universe of Kino Klinik, operated up by The Mook Gwa Institute. At the Klinik, patients will be invited to undergo a one on one therapy session with the spiritual guides looking to the stars… of Hollywood… for their inspiration. It’s unlikely you’ll leave seeing cinema or yourself in the same light again…


Want to do more than just watch?  Register online for the innovative and unique role-playing experience The Rocks Push Game. Set amongst the mysterious spaces of the Rocks, the game is a real-time, interactive adventure where The Rocks Push gangs of the 1880’s and 1890’s are brought to life. Registration details can be found at



The inaugural Bike Shorts Film Competition will be another way the public can get involved in the Village Bizarre, and are encouraged to submit their works into one of two categories. Entries of fun and quirky 5 minute shorts or15 second instagram clips can be submitted until 5pm, Monday 25 November.


Finalist films will be screened at Magnificent Revolution’s bicycle-powered cinema on Friday 6 December. Prizes include $1,000 cash, GoPro cameras, overnight local accommodation and mentorships with Firelight Productions. Visit for all competition details.


You never know what to expect at The Rocks Village Bizarre. Every nook, cranny and laneway of the area will reveal new surprises, innovative adventures and one-of-a-kind experiences. Your very own playground of markets and mystery is waiting for you…


So curious folk, get ready to end your working week in the mysterious world of The Rocks Village Bizarre – every Friday night from 1 November to 20 December.


The Rocks Village Bizarre is curated and presented by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, proud managers of The Rocks: traditional land of the Cadigal people and the birthplace of European settlement in Australia. While preserving The Rocks’ unique heritage, the Authority’s team of creatives and resident experts produce large scale and intimate quality events, outdoor markets, and educational tours to drive visitors into the precinct and support the precinct’s tenants. The Rocks is a perfect blend of culture, cuisine and myriad experiences worth savouring.



WHAT:                                     The Rocks Village Bizarre

WHERE:                         The Rocks

WHEN:                           Every Friday through November and December

6.30pm – 10pm

COST:                                      Free



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