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Movie 101** The one you’ve been waiting for: The Wolf of Wall Street review

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Sydney Social 101 was invited to the Sydney premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street last night and was absolutely privileged to be one of the first people in Australia to see the complete film.

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most sought after movies for quite some time! Whilst monitoring Sydney Social 101’s  traffic, there has been a significant number of visitors coming to Sydney Social 101 via Google looking for information on Leo’s sixth pairing with Martin Scorsese.

I have often entered into debate with my friends about Leonardo DiCaprio and how it is quite shocking that he has never won an Oscar – I stand by this claim even more so now than ever before. Leonardo’s performance in this film in nothing short of amazing, if he doesn’t get the recognition from the Academy that he is so deservedly of, I might have something to say – and it wont be nice…

For any of you who have read the book, I’m sure you’re intrigued to see how the story of Jordan Belfort can transcend from pages of  a book to the silver screen. An anti-climax for many on so may occasions when a great read that sets your imagination on fire crumbles as it plays out on the big screen.

“Who would you have playing you in a film of your life?!” is question many are asked throughout your lifetime (Blake Lively or Jennifer Lawrence just incase you were wondering), I can only imagine that in his wildest dreams would Jordan Belfort have expected that Leo, one of the best actors of his generation, would depict his story from rags to riches and him stepping on anyone and everyone to get there.

I won’t spoil the plot for those of you who haven’t read the book, however I will provide you with a succinct synopsis: “The best film of the 2000s by a long way!”. Complete with every 522 F-bomb and a storyline that will leave you feeling a mixture of awe and hatred for Jordan Belfort, it is a film that should absolutely be in your calendar for its official release on 23.1.14.

It is sometimes hard to believe that Jordan Belfort is a real person as you follow the real-life story of his ambition and realisation of becoming a successful stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, ego, corruption and selfishness that is beyond comprehension.

Funny, whitty, cringeworthy and gripping – the film evokes many emotions in the 1-minute-shy of three hours epic. Sterling performances by Aussie’s own Margot Robbie, who plays Jordan’s Duchess-wife, Jonah Hill is wonderful at playing the rage educing Donnie Azoff and Rob Reiner portrays Jordan’s Dad Max wonderfully.

This soon-to-be classic already has a 8.7 rating on IMDB, impressive to say the least.

Sydney Social 101 gives the Wolf of Wall Street 9.5/10 as nothing is perfect – but this film comes pretty bloody close!

Lisa Hollinshead.

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