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Movie 101** Grudge Match review

Grudge Match is based on a story of two boxing rivals who had a couple of fights that ended in a draw. Just before the big rematch Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp, played by Sylvester Stallone, suddenly retires. This is to the anger of Billy ‘The Kid’ McDonnen, played by Robert De Niro. The Kid goes on to be famous and rich while Razor chooses to take a normal every job.

30 years go by, then there is a program on tv discussing the old fight. Everyone wonders who would win. Then Dante Slate Jr, played by Kevin Hart, decides this is the chance to make a name for himself by promoting the fight that never happened. But they will both need to help him with promoting the fight to give it that extra excitement. They always fail at promoting the fight but their arguments with one another and anyone else who gets in their way, starts to turn heads.

Kim Basinger plays the love interest as the one time girlfriend who has come back in to their life. I have not seen Kim is a film for many years, was strange to see her looking so old. The final piece of cast goes to Alan Arkin who plays Louis ‘Lightening’ Conlon. He adds a lot of the humour as Razor’s old constantly moaning trainer.

This film gave Stallone a good opportunity get back in to the ring after his famous Rocky trillogy. (Some of my favourite films). It was also a chance to see De Niro back in the ring after the also famous but one off film, Raging Bull. There were many nods towards the old films, more so on the Rocky front. The famous training scene in the freezer and the running scene where he tries to beat his tainer on a bike. Except here Stallone is trying to outrun his trainer on a mobile scooter. These pull out some of the funniest moments, for those who get them.

De Niro seems to take on the bad guy role in this film but I am sure everyone will have a favourite. If you like the high profile cast then I think that you would enjoy this film for the warm hearted comedy it is.

Sydney Social101 gives ‘Grudge Match’ 6.5/10. Just remember to stick around after the credits. A couple of surprise people come in and produce the biggest laughs of all.

Grudge Match was reviewed by SS101’s movie reviewer Syrus Wynne.

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