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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 101

If it’s the last minute and you’re looking for some gift inspiration for your significant other, then look no further than this comprehensive Valentine’s gift guide for Sydney-siders.

WISH Registry


WISH Registry is the Only App Taking the Detective Work out of Buying Lingerie this Valentine’s Day


Take the detective work out of buying lingerie this Valentine’s Day and stop snooping through her drawers with WISH Registry – the innovative mobile website with app ‘wish-list’ tool.


With the impressive functionality to record sizing, styles and colours, WISH Registry is the world first mobile website with photo assistant and geo-location app ‘wish-list’ tool that has been specifically created to make gift-giving that much easier.


To make sure you end up in the bedroom not the doghouse this Valentine’s Day, encourage your loved one to create a WISH Registry account at or by downloading the free smartphone app from


Once a personalised WISH Registry account has been created, users can start snapping photos on their smartphone as they shop of their much lusted after Valentine’s Day wishes and WISH Registry will do the rest for you by sharing it with approved list of followers and enabled social networks.


Visually appealing and easy to use, WISH Registry can be used in all retail locations across Australia from department stores, boutiques to specialist retailers. To make the shopping experience that much easier for you, WISH Registry’s app geo-locates and records the store where the much loved item is available. The handy geo-location capabilities of the WISH Registry app includes a smartphone prompt so that when you are in the vicinity of the store that stocks a wish-list item, you will receive a notification reminder of the desired gift and where it can be purchased.


WISH Registry wish-lists can be sorted by product as well as price and restricts the account owner from knowing if and which of their wishes has been granted.


A time poor shopper herself, WISH Registry creator, Claire Summers always has the best of intentions of buying the perfect gift for those she loves. A serial entrepreneur, her first venture was for a not-for-profit initiative which raised over $130,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundations of Australia last Easter.


A marketer with over 13 years senior sales and marketing experience with high profile brands and Australian retailers, Claire Summers saw a much-needed gap in the market for a mobile website with app wish-list that engaged at an in-store level. Claire Summers initially seeded her innovative idea to top-level management at several leading retail operations and with their endorsement, pitched Wish Registry to investment technology company, Blue Chilli. Forming an advisory board with some of the best retail minds in Australia, Claire Summers was signed on as Blue Chilli’s 24th business venture. Just recently, Claire Summers’ Wish Registry was named in the top 50 of the Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia as part of Anthill Magazine’s 8th Annual Cool Company Awards.

 Tech gifts for loved ones…

They can’t take their eyes off it; they give it hours of love and attention and not a minute goes by when they don’t touch it. Does this sound familiar? …This year, forget about chocolates and hundreds of red roses – why not give your lover the gift of protection for the one and only true love in their life. That’s right, their smartphone.


For the Scatterbrained Lover


If your ‘other half’ is usually found scrambling through their bag or pockets for their cash / travel cards / credit card, give them the gift of organisation this V-Day. OtterBox’s New Commuter Wallet Series [RRP: $44.95] comes complete with discrete storage and quick access to cash and important cards, and is easily ‘swipeable’ for getting on and off buses and trains! So if your beau is an owner of the new iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5 or Samsung GALAXY S®4, what are you waiting for – time to streamline their life.



For the Clumsy and Carefree Companion


If your loved-one is an aqua-fiend, always the first person to dive-in at a poolside party, or if they’re just a little heavy handed and ditzy around cups of coffee, then this is the gift for them. The ultimate in light, waterproof device protection – the OtterBox Preserver Series [RRP $89.95] available for the Apple® iPhone® 5/5S/5C and Samsung GALAXY S4, is fully submergible up to 6.6 ft. for 30 minutes and protects device from drops up to 6.6 ft. Appeal to their inner adventurer!


All of these cases are available at or from selected local retailers and high res images of the cases can be found here:


AlfaChoc: a special Valentine’s Day gift for the Latin lover

Sydneysiders sweet lovers have been enjoying South American alfajores for the last three years at many coffees shops around the city, and now, the delicious ‘national biscuit’ from Argentina is available Australia-wide through AlfaChoc

These petite treats are essentially a ‘sandwich’ made with two baked biscuits and a filling of ‘dulce de leche‘ (literally translated it means ‘sweet milk’, sometimes also called caramel). If you ever travel to Argentina, you will find that in different regions alfajores are made in different shapes, flavors and with different fillings. They are a huge part of the Argentinian culture and it’s actually a snack locals eat for breakfast, dessert and with coffee or tea.

After years experimenting with chocolate and using his mother’s recipe, owner and baker Mariano Rodriguez, was inspired to turn his love for these dreamy bites into a business, and now he’s been running AlfaChoc for three years.

“I strongly believe it is time to bring to the market the ‘Alfajor’, as it is something completely different from the popular cupcakes or macarons we’ve so far experienced and will help to introduce a little South American culture to Australia” says Mariano about the launch of AlfaChoc online retailer.

Priced at $23.40 for a gift box of 6 alfajores AlfaChoc offers three different options:

AlfaChoc Clasico: Cornflour cookies made with fresh lemon zest, vanilla seeds and hazelnuts liquor combined with the creaminess of dulce de leche.

AlfaChoc Dark: Flavours of rich cocoa powder, fresh vanillas and orange zest biscuits filled with dulce de leche and hand dipped in the finest Belgian 55% dark chocolate.

AlfaChoc White: Flavours of almond extracts combined with fine Belgian white chocolate, fresh vanilla seeds and dulce de leche… simply delicious!

AlfaChoc is available at coffee shops and delicatessens around Sydney, including Café Hernandez and The Deli Potts in Potts Points; Rushcutters Bay Kiosk in Rushcutters Bay; Café con Leche in Surry Hills just to name a few.

Very popular for birthday parties as well as for corporate events like morning teas, AlfaChoc can cater for small and medium events. If you’re planning a sweet Valentine’s Day, thinking on a different Easter with a Latin touch or just want to enjoy the flavours of Latin America, AlfaChoc is the perfect choice!

AlfaChoc is available to order online at Free shipping for a limited time!


The most romantic day of the year is swiftly approaching and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spoil that special someone with their favourite things. Dandi’s fine selection of homewares and decorating ideas will make your day truly memorable, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, or a chic addition to your table setting.

Many loved-up couples won’t splurge on expensive fine dining, preferring to make the occasion more intimate by adding a personal touch, and creating something extra special in the comfort of their home.

Set the mood with a stylish table setting by laying out Dandi’s elegant Hydrangea Cotton Tablecloth in Oatmeal, then layering white plates – for a traditional feel add some contrasting Doilie Napkins in the customary Berry hue. Why not add a stunning vase of fresh flowers to the mix – a row of fragrant gardenias (or classic roses) will create an ambience that will make your sweetheart swoon.

It’s all about the little details that bring the occasion to life. Personalised place cards and decorations will show you care – print and personalise ‘made with love tags’ or napkin cuffs from the Dandi website for some adoring detail. Use Dandi napkins to wrap your boxed treats or presents for your partner – these make for a romantic keepsake they’ll be sure to cherish.

Bake some delectable treats for your other-half by using Dandi’s set of Kitchen Utensils with heart shaped cut outs, and ensure your goodies are baked to perfection with the dainty Heart Shaped Pot Holders. These will add a little love to your creations and will also make the perfect gift for the avid foodie.

Whether you’re wanting to surprise your special someone with a personalised treat they’ll remember for years to come, or are just after a gift idea that is truly unique – Dandi’s range of gorgeous homewares are the perfect partner for creating long-lasting, loving memories on this special day. is the worlds largest online outsourcing and crowdsourcing websites where more than 10 million skilled professionals are able to connect, work together online and complete jobs in more than 600 categories.


It is running a Valentines Day campaign for people who want to think outside of the box with their gifts in this modern era! We have people posting projects to get a caricature drawn of their loved one, have a professional writer write a love letter or poem for their paramour or design and make a personalised gift.


When people are pushed for time or don’t know what to get their loved one they are able to get a Freelancer in any skill set to take the pressure off and create one for them!


Top ten tips on how to choose art as a gift:

Nichola Dare, The Gallery Shop


  1. Set your budget. It can be dangerous going shopping or into a gallery not knowing your price range if you tend to get carried away!
  2. If you are buying for a wedding present or special birthday, get a group of friends/family to go in together in order to have the funds to buy one larger painting. Not only will it be a greater gift, but it will also represent all of you.
  3. Think about the person that you are buying the work for. What is there home like, what kinds or art have they in it already, what kind of person are they?
  4. If you are very unsure, then maybe take the person along with you to a gallery to get an idea of the kinds of art that they are drawn to, then that will give you an insight on to what to choose as the gift.
  5. It’s fun to go out for the afternoon looking at art, but make sure there is a good cafe/bar where you can stop for lunch or a drink and rest your feet!
  6. Some galleries, like ours, offer a service where the owner will come to your home/workplace to help you decide what kinds of artworks would work in the space and even where and how you should display them.
  7. More often than not, all the art will also be available to view online, so you could even suggest looking through that to get an idea of what they might like.
  8. Often people buy aboriginal art for friends/family who live overseas as it represents the art of Australia. In this instance, make sure that the work comes with a good provenance. This is information that you will get from speaking to the gallery.  Ask them where they get the art from and if it comes with a certificate of authenticity. Make sure, if possible, that this certificate is supplied by the artist’s art centre. All of the works at The Gallery Shop come with these certificates.
  9. Be brave! A gift is as much about the thought that goes into it as the present itself.
  10. If all else fails, get them a gift voucher so that they can go and choose it themselves.




Finally, if you and your partner’s selfies are more gruesome twosome than Romeo and Juliet, it’s time to take a few #couplies tips from the pros.


As loved-up couples flood social media with romantic self-portrait #couplies ahead of Valentine’s Day, here’s how to turn the jeering into downright jealousy.


“Camera Cupid” Mel Lim-How, head of creative and photography at, says anyone can shoot a sexy snap with a few key ingredients.


“Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love for someone special in every way possible – from the totally romantic to the utterly cringe worthy (but cute!). And the best way to capture that magical moment is with the perfect Valentine’s #couplie,” Mel says.


Mel’s top 3 tips for a cute #couplie

1. Location, location

“A #couplie isn’t a proper #couplie without a bit going on in the background. For a real point of difference and to truly express your love through a self-indulgent #couplie, capture that moment in front of a sparkling sunset, idyllic back drop or even a bustling city street.”


2. Body beautiful

“It’s all about body position. Don’t be shy to experiment canoodling in a variety of positions (we’re still talking about #couplies here!). Whether you’re lounging around sipping cocktails, savouring a romantic dinner, taking a couples’ massage, or flying high with a scenic flight in a helicopter or balloon, don’t forget to set yourselves up in a perfect position.”


3. Personality principle

“Add to this a generous dose of personal expression – be flirty if that’s you, silly or goofy, or pensive and serious – but don’t take yourselves too seriously! Or, go with an expression that shows another side your friends didn’t know you had. Be creative and enjoy the moment.”


Mel’s best positions for #couplies


* Position 1 – Face to face

o Don’t be shy with this one! Stand face to face, reach out with your phone, get that glint in your eyes and take the snap

o The perfect way to make the best of a picture perfect backdrop

* Position 2 – Ambush cuddle

o Stand one in front of the other with the person behind wrapping their arms around the person in front in the warmest of warm embraces

o Stage an ambush at the pub, the bar or even out at a festival

o Note – beware of #couplies photobombers!

* Position 3 – Getting down #1

o Lying front side down, get nice and snuggly. Then one of you puts your arm across the other’s back – smile like a Cheshire cat and take that snap!

o Take a couples’ massage together, ask to have the tables placed close together and capture that warm and fuzzy moment

* Position 4 – Getting down # 2

o Lying down on the ground, bodies pointing in opposite directions with your heads side by side and staring up at the clouds

o This creative shot looks extra-romantic lying on the sand, grass, or while relaxing on a floating pool lounge

* Position 5 – Up high

o Get cosy while standing up, raise phone above your heads and snap away

o Try and find the highest point in your surroundings and make sure your backdrop is underneath you

o Think hot air balloon rides, joint pedicures and cliff-top #couplies over moonlit lagoons!



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