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body+soul revolution: You’re only 10 weeks away from a new you!

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It’s the first day back at work after the Australia Day weekend and to say I’m feeling a little fragile is putting it mildly. I may have over indulged – but then again, it would be un-Australian of me to not get in the spirit of things, right?

Well now I’ve decided to take a stand and to start to work towards the new me – I’m 29, not getting any younger, this is the last year of my twenties and I figure I should do what I can to look after my body (we only get one of them)!

Don’t get me wrong, with the array of wonderful events I get to attend, with the free bars and stunning food, it can be very easy to ‘have a night off’. Ultimately however, I have come to the conclusion that I should live by the moto ‘everything in moderation’, a quick fix diet isn’t ever going to work for me – neither is banning alcohol or amazing food from my life. All that I achieve by doing this is being miserable and gorging when the ‘fix’ is over (and probably undo all m hard work within two-hours).

As you may have heard, I am taking part in body+soul revolution! The body+soul revolution is a 10-week health and fitness online program scientifically proven to help users achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle – all with the help of our team of trusted body+soul experts (from nutritionists to sexologists!). I believe that this is the best way for me to start as I mean to go on, a lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.58.21 pm

I’ve also decided to put myself out there and will be documenting my progress throughout the 10-week revolution (so that I have nowhere to hide and so that I actually have to face this head on!).

Having scoured the healthy prepared meal delivery services across Sydney, these two have consistently come out on top – in terms of taste and affordability.

In additional to the body+soul revolution, I will be following a 14 Day 1,200 Calorie Kick Start Plan from Dietlicious (prior to the body+soul revolution commencing).

I will also be working with Hello Fresh during the body+soul revolution to provide you with information on meal plans, how tasty and affordable they can be along with insights as to how long they take to prepare. (For time poor, health conscious readers!)

Throughout the process I will be working out with my own personal trainer (plus swimming four times a week) – you have permission to shout at me if I slack off!

I will be monitoring my progress on body+soul revolution’s website throughout the ten weeks. There is a wealth of information as part of the body+soul revolution, you can find out more at

Now I will update you all with my progress week to week and will also post daily updates via my social media channels to see how I’m tracking. In the interest of being 100% transparent, I will update you with my weight and inch loss (fingers crossed!) as I progress.

Here are my current stats (inches will be added soon):

Height: 5’7” (170cm)

Weight: 72 KG

Dress size: 12

At the end of the 10 week body+soul revolution, with the help of Hello Fresh, Dietlicious and my PT I would love to achieve the following:

Height: 5’7” (170cm) – Shockingly the same 😉

Weight: 62 KG

Dress size: 10

I would absolutely love some support throughout this progress, maybe you might be interested in even taking part with me? To be involved it’s really simple,

Simply log onto for a free health and weight assessment, choose a program to suit your lifestyle and goals, and let the fab team of body+soul experts guide you through a 10-week program of delicious meal plans and recipes, easy-to-follow workouts and all the tips and tricks you’ll need to lose weight, feel great and boost your energy.


The body+soul revolution begins Sunday 2nd February 2014 at I have already begun with the pre-revolution detox to best prepare myself for the experience, you know what, I’m really excited about this!

You can also follow body+soul revolution here:

In addition the official hashtag for this phase is #bodyandsoulrev – join the conversation!

Fashion Spy** Katie Perry Popping up in Paddington


Australian fashion designer Katie Perry’s pop up store opening on Thursday 18th April saw several creative types coming together showcasing their fabulous wares. Sydney Social popped along to check it out.

Excited guests poured into Katie’s gorgeous residence on Paddington’s style mecca William Street to browse her gorgeous autumn collection and other luxury brands such as Swarovski jewellery from Jlili and boutique skincare Pink Hibiscus (a favourite of Jackie O and Bessie Bardot).

Sydney has seen a bit of a surge in the pop up phenomenon over the past few years. Rising rental prices sometimes see empty spaces for a retailer, bar or art gallery to temporarily spring up in. It’s fun for the consumers who constantly have new places to visit and an excellent way for niche retailers, who don’t necessarily want the financial burden of a full time store, to engage new customers, particularly when several retailers come together in one space.

Throughout the evening, Sydney Social enjoyed the sociability of the shopping experience and the friendly atmosphere while we bopped around to the various designers and retailers. We tasted fabulous Italian wine from Sensi Collezione and ate delicious hot canapés (served by equally delicious hot men!).


Katie Perry was on hand throughout the night to give style tips and showcase the collection. Her pop up shop will be open every Saturday and individual shopping appointments (and for further one off events).

Other guests included; Steve Clisby (The Voice), Lauren Dawes (The Voice), Adam Dixon (couture bridal designer and next-door neighbour) and Anna Lutkajitis (Skipping Girl). The beautiful flowers and decorations were supplied by Willow and Dune.


Sydney Social trivia: brief history of the pop-up shop
‘Vacant’ of Los Angeles was the first company to introduce pop-up retail. In 1999
following a business trip to Tokyo, ‘Vacant’ staff wondered whether consumers would line up to purchase limited edition products from niche retailers.

Once the products were sold out (usually within hours) the store would close until the owner received more products and would then re-open. This led ‘Vacant’ to think about closing the store permanently after the goods were sold, and moving it to another target destination, since consumers were travelling long distances to the niche retailers.

You can check out her online store is This review was attended and written by Katie Hoskins. href=””>20130424-115618.jpg

Film Review: Olympus Has Fallen


When I was invited to the screening of Olympus Has Fallen, i have to admit that I didn’t know anything about the film. As alway I like to keep away from trailers and any spoilers. I could tell from the poster that it was going to be an action film, but I wasnt expecting this pleasant surprise.

The film starts out with Aaron Eckhart, as President Benjamin Asher, who is getting ready for a big party with his wife and son. He is protected by his national security team, led by Gerard Butler as Mike Banning. You can see straight away that they have a tight friendship. Not spoiling the film, cue a big incident that leads Mike to end up one of the team.

It is a couple of years later and the Prime Minister of Korea comes to visit the president in the White House. Codename ‘Olympus’. Suddenly there is an attack in one awesome scene. Lots of action and explosions which are all intiated by something really cool. Again I wont spoil it. There is a very early twist in the film, but like me I am sure you will see it coming.

The President is captured in the White House and is held hostage by Koreans. They want America to move their troops out of Korea. Mike Banning is not gonna let this happen and begins his one man assault on the White House to save the President. You have definetly seen before in different forms. The hero is completely outnumbered but is able to take on the whole army and save the day. Arnie was great at it and so was Bruce Willis. Butler easily steps in to their shoes. If anything this reminded me a lot of Die Hard 1. Yes we have all seen it before but it has not been as good as this for a long time.

The film also stars Morgan Freeman as Speaker of the House and Angela Bassett as Secret Service Director.

The film is very patriotic with the American flag seen a number of times in slow motion. This did receive a lot of laughs from the non American audience. The film has been released in good timing with real life Korean events heating up.

With Gerard Butler in the lead role along with Aaron Eckhart, there is something for the girls. But this is a true boys action film at heart and I highly recommend it!!

Sydneysocial101 give ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ 8/10. The review was written by Syrus Wynne.

What’s On: ANZAC DAY 2013

So we’re excited that ANZAC Day is almost upon us, a day where we can remember our loved ones, neighbours and friends that have given their lives to protecting our country.

In keeping with tradition, ANZAC Day marks the one day of the year where gambling games are legal in all pubs and clubs in Australia – notably 2-Up!

We are also very lucky to get a day off work! Here is our guide to the best spots across Sydney to celebrate ANZAC Day.

The Australian

The Australian at The Rocks will be sharing the ANZAC spirit on the city’s largest and most exciting 2-Up Arena.
Date: Thursday, April 25
Time: Open from 8.00am and 2-Up from midday-late
Address: 100 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
For further information:


The Glenmore

Salute and commemorate our courageous Diggers with a cold beer and Aussie BBQ. Play 2-Up from midday on the hugely popular outdoor arena.
Date: Thursday, April 25
Time: Open from 8.00am and 2-Up from midday-late
Address: 96 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
For further information:


KIT Wednesdays is upping the ante with a combined celebration for ANZAC Day Eve
· Steve Frank
· Zannon
· Alex Preston


Bungalow 8 |3 Lime St, Sydney
When: ANZAC Day- Thursday 25th April
Time : From 11am
· Massive 2UP arena
· Celebrity tossers
· Aussie tunes
· Bagpipe band
· The Last Post (played at 5:45pm sharp)
· $15 cocktail jugs served till 4pm


Cargo Bar |52-60 The Promenade, Sydney
When: ANZAC Day- Thursday 25th April
Time: From 11am
· All day BBQ and outdoor bar
· Biggest 2UP arena to date
· Playing the Last Post (5:30pm sharp)
· The party will continue into the night with some classic Aussie tunes from DJ’s KATO, Liz Bird, Adam Bozzetto and loads more


Newtown Hotel | 174 King St, Newtown
When: ANZAC Day- Thursday 25th April
Time: From 1 pm
· 2UP
· Fosters cans $5
· Free sausage sizzle
· DJs from sunset, PHDJ, Shantan Wantan Ichiban, Meem


Sugarmill Hotel | 37 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point
When: ANZAC Day- Thursday 25th April
Time: From 10am
· 2:30pm AFL live Essendon vs Collingwood
· 4:00pm NRL live Roosters vs Dragons
· 7:00pm NRL live Storm vs Warriors


Sweethearts Rooftop BBQ |37 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point
When: ANZAC Day- Thursday 25th April
Time: From 10am
· Sweethearts will be open ALL ANZAC DAY from midday to midnight.
· TAPPY HOUR from 4-7pm when all tap beer and wine is $5


Some other key places that are fab for ANZAC are:

Dicks – Balmain

The Beach Road Hotel – Bondi

Coogee Bay Hotel – Coogee

The Royal – Paddington

Have fun!!!!


Social Spy** *The Botanist Launches An All New Menu and Website*


The Botanist bar and restaurant has been spicing up the Kirribilli area
since it opened its doors five months ago, and references illustrious
Botanist Gerard Fothergill, who travelled the world researching plants, and
whose last years of his life were spent running a small bookshop in the
very building the restaurant now occupies. The Botanist pays homage to
these historical and botanical themes of exploration and discovery, with
food and cocktail menus using abundant offerings of fresh produce, herbs
and spices.


To keep spicing things up The Botanist launched a new innovative cocktail
and food menu last night, as well as a pioneering new website, at a huge
party for celebrities, locals and media. Over 140 guests attended the
packed out Monday night event, including celebrities such as Elka Whalan,
Phil Waugh, Bonny Porter, Hayden Quinn, Hayley Jensen and socialites Simon
Hancock and Becky Boyd-Bais.


Cocktails on arrival included a selection of the new menu constructed by
co-owner Hamish Watts, all of which continue to reflect the Botanist themes
with simple and elegant flower and spiced infusions – The Flower Doctor
made with Botanist Gin and Le Bulleit Bleu a blueberry infused Bulleit
bourbon. Champagne, wine and beer were then served throughout the night.


The global share plate menu, designed by head chef Justin Walshe (formerly
of La Grillade), is made for exactly that, sharing, and a taster of the
new food menu served last night included exciting additions with a Mexican
flare such as soft shell tacos with the choice of marinated beef and chilli
chicken, as well as pulled pork or southern style chicken sliders and two
pizza choices, a veggie mushroom, artichoke and olive, and Italian sausage,
potato and rosemary.


The Botanist’s new responsive web site design is built on WordPress and
uses HTML5 making it seamless to use across desktop and handheld devices.
The Botanist caters to its surrounds perfectly and is Kirribilli’s first
small bar and restaurant. Combining the historical with the modern to
create a winning formula, The Botanist continues to bring some much needed
spice to the local area.

SOCIAL SPY** Schwarzkopf Looks of 2013

APRIL 18 2013 Eau de Vie, SYDNEY

It’s official-hairdos are officially back in style. Last week the hair geniuses at Schwarzkopf unveiled their new Extra Care Ultimate Elixir rage and are officially predicting 2013 as ‘Year of the Hairdo.’

Taking inspiration from international catwalks and the looks of New York’s Uptown Girls, bold looks in hair will turn heads this year. Stylish dos’ for all hair types were on parade including statement ‘sleek colours,’ with multi-coloured highlights, streaks and coloured tips.

Signature looks such as sexy gloss finish, to a Lana Del Rey inspired big bob (we’re talking BIG) and a colourful favourite, the street style ‘fringer’ look.

Sydney’s iconic cocktail bar, Eau de Vie, hosted the unveiling with matched signature cocktails mixed by celebrity bartender Phil Gandevia. Guests sipped beautiful gold cocktails inspired by Schwarzkopf’s new Extra Care Ultimate Elixir rage, which contains visible gold particles that work to treat overstressed hair.

Guests included some of Sydney’s top beauty bloggers who competed fiercely in a Instagram competition for best photo of the evening.

The night came to close and guests departed with goodie bags loaded with Schwarzkopf’s new Extra Care Ultimate Elixir rage including: Ultimate Oil Elixir Shampoo and conditioner, a spray in damage serum and oil Elixir Hair Structure Renewal Treatment.






Social Spy** Baileys Launch at Crane Bar

Last night Sydney Social was invited to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia after party with the launch of the feminine new look bottle BAILEYS Original Irish Cream. Guests enjoying BAILEYS cocktails and Japanese inspired canapes at fabulous Crane Bar in Potts Point. With this week being fashion week in Sydney the makeover was complete with Baileys partnership with up and coming fashion label Blessʼed are the Meek.

A well-dressed crowd included Samara Weaving, Simone Holtznagel and designer Maria Maung. Guests sipped on the delicious BAILEYS ESPRESSOTINI and BAILEYS VANILLA showcasing the smooth Irish cream as this seasons must have uber chic drink.

The collaboration from the night saw the new BAILEYS bottle brought to life in a series of captivating lifestyle images shot by renowned fashion photographer Sonny Vandevelde, in the inspiring West MacDonnell Ranges located in the Northern Territory. The West MacDonnell Rangesʼ breathtaking sandstone cliffs and gorges provide a remarkable and natural backdrop for the striking new black and gold BAILEYS bottle. The images also showcase a sneak peak of Blessʼed are the Meekʼs 2014 Spring Summer range, with fabrics from the collection cascading beautifully around the new BAILEYS bottle.

A fact Sydney Social learnt last night that BAILEYS Original Irish Cream is the also the world’s biggest seller in its field, with over 82 million bottles sold worldwide each year. Every minute of every day over 2000 people around the world are enjoying a Baileys!

I’ll grab my BAILEYS ESPRESSOTINI (or four) and cheers to that. Also very impressed with the new Japanese fused Crane Bar in Potts Point. Great refurbishment of one of the fab spaces in Potts Point.

For more info check out and





Fashion Spy** Final Day at MBFWA 2013


The final day of MBFWA has been and gone, I can practically hear the sound of the weeping!

It was a fantastic event and some great trends for SS 2013 really stood out, namely tailoring and bold colour prints!

Here is Sydney Social’s final day wrap and highlights for your fashion fix this weekend!

An injection of fresh design talent is the perfect way to wrap up the week at the New Generation show. Featuring the designs of accomplished young labels doing great things, this year’s designers include Betty Tran, Desert Designs, Faddoul, Jamie Ashkar, Natalie & Sarah, The Letter Q, Tristan Melle and Zhivago.


Coming off the back of her Project Runway win, Christina Exie’s ready-to-wear with an avante garde spirit made its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia debut. Her cohesive lineup of sport-luxe separates and high-tech fabrication demonstrated why she deserves a place on the schedule.


Staple The Label’s ‘Crystalline’ collection was inspired by refracted light and faceted surfaces. Their runway show showcased crystallised prints in shades of lilac, lime and yellow with flashes of silver.


Zambesi presented their latest collection of both men’s and womenswear to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia on the final day. Textural contrasts and exciting constructions featured with clever detailing and dark indigo stretch denim as highlights.


Wrapping up the week on a spectacular scale, the Hello ELLE Australia show marks the end of an incredible event and a celebraion of ELLE magazine’s Australian launch, ensuring Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013 goes out with a bang.

To close the show in style (pardon the pun) the Australian A-list descended on Carriageworks for a final time this evening for the Hello ELLE Australia show. Sam Worthington, Gracie Otto, Lara Bingle, Joel Edgerton, Hamish McDonald and Jesinta Campbell shimmied down the red carpet.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013 made its new home inside the industrial and creative surrounds of Eveleigh’s Carriageworks. The artistic hub and dynamic space came into its own, showcasing the precinct of Redfern’s growing influence on the world of fashion and design.

From Romance Was Born’s typically stunning vision to Camilla’s tribal fantasy in a bedouin tent, anniversary celebrations for Camilla and Marc and the debut of young talent, the week has been a shining example of Australian achievements in fashion and design.

Fashion Spy** Day Four MBFWA

Yesterday saw the penultimate day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia! Not to be one to break with tradition, here is an overview of Sydney Social’s faves from the day!

Congratulations to Nancy Pilcher, Sass & Bide, Nicholas Huxley, Jenny Kee and Zimmermann who were tonight celebrated for their amazing contribution to Australian Fashion as the 2013 nominees for The Australian Fashion Laureate, presented by The Weekend Australian Magazine. The winner will be announced in an exclusive event in May.


Finding inspiration in the heart of Australia and the works of Australian artist Murray Fredericks, Bless’ed are the Meek showcased a collection of athletica and sports luxe in a monochromatic palette highlighted with original digital prints.


The label’s sophomore showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia was a lineup of wearable looks by designer Sue Di Chio that embodied the brand’s resort sensibility and relaxed-chic style.


Bright young talents Elissa McGowan, Inder Dhillon, Leroy Nguyen, Paul Scott, Vinh Nguyen and Ying Yuan showed their accomplished creations today. Tomorrow’s style stars in the making.

Elissa McGowan:


Another exciting debut effort from a fledgling local talent. Phoenix Keating’s couture capabilities and avant garde approach to design caught the eye of Lady Gaga.


For Spring Summer 2013/14 Haryono Setiadi presented a cerebral collection, focusing on innovation and design to produce a fresh take on the modern wardrobe. Sharp tailoring and clean lines were executed with skill and unique precision.


Mulholland’s runway show will be her first at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Inspired by resort life and ’80s jet-set glamour, Mulholland’s latest run of signature exuberant prints and lively colour palettes have her finding a confident fashion stride.


The label, showing for the second time at MBFWA, described the look of their Spring Summer offering as a ‘techno-chic girl living in a floral fairytale’. Barbarella-esque ’60s silhouettes, retro space-age aluminium, perspex and neoprene are all in the mix.


What’s happening tomorrow on the final day of MBFWA:

Australia’s biggest names in fashion will come together tomorrow for a spectacular grand finale. In a fashion production on an unrivalled scale the Hello Elle Australia show will present an edit of the week’s highlights plus, see the Australian designer lineup completed with Colette Dinnigan, Josh Goot, Willow, Nicola Finetti and Zimmermann.

Stay tuned for a final run down from The Carriageworks for MBFWA!!

Fashion Spy** Day Three MBFWA

Hump Day for MBFWA and what a hump day it was. Highlights included, British it-girl Georgia May Jagger walked for Australian boho-cool label Camilla in what could only be described as a perfect pairing.

In addition, a strong contigent of home-grown models fresh from the Autumn Winter 2013/14 international shows like Julia Nobis, Caitlin Lomax, Amanda Ware, Montana Cox, Rachel Rutt and Ruby Jean Wilson have walked this week.

Showing against a backdrop that combines the timeless with the modern, Lisa Ho’s show at the Art Gallery of NSW was not dissimilar to its surrounds. The designer sent a cohesive lineup of timeless and feminine pieces with a modern edge down the runway.


German botanist Ernst Haeckel and French art nouveau jeweller René Jules Lalique were the inspiration behind McCall’s organic silhouettes and powder hues. Ornate prints in oceanic hues were a highlight.


It’s botanical meets insect prints in a way you’ve never seen before. Serpent & Swan made their fashion week debut with an exciting collection of uniquely beautiful and adrogynous pieces like leather harnesses over soft dresses and handcrafted gold and brass trimmings.


We Are Handsome are one on Sydney Social’s favourites and are known for bringing a colourful and cool vision to the runway and this year saw a clear and mature brand direction which drew inspiration from the travels, memories, music and imaginations of design duo Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers.


In a spectacular staging, set in Sydney’s iconic Centennial Park, Camilla showed a diversification of her original resort-focused brand in her collection ‘Pachamama’, demonstrating once again why she has a loyal following amongst the style set.


Young talent was on show at the Raffles College of Design & Commerce show with Aurelia Santoso, Gabriel Lee, Ayaka Ichikawa, Diyana Kosso, Nara Sangngern and Virginia Killroy Liu presenting fresh and exciting pieces.



Taking a futuristic approach to their Spring Summer collection, Bronx & Banco showcased their clean, crisp and chic designs in a collaboration with Australian artist Charles Billich. Sharp fringes and quirky makeup tied in with the ‘Fifth Element’ feel.


Sisters Somer and Liberty Watson have established their label in a relatively short period of time for a young brand. The label is only two years old but is showing all the signs of being an industry mainstay.

Casual classics and soft tailoring made for a wearable collection of print and colour. Vanishing Elephant’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia debut showcased menswear alongside their third womenswear collection.

‘Bandits’, the debut collection for 20-year-old designer Khim Hang was a palette cleanser of pure whites in clean lines and myriad textures. Embossed leather, silk and neoprene underpinned a sport-luxe feel.

Thinking outside the box, Michael Lo Sordo’s new collection features flowing lines and feminine detailing melded with masculine tailoring.

Presenting under the prestigious MB Presents award, Easton Pearson will show ‘Hyper Real’. Described as an intense fusion of colour and super nature, the show is sure to be one of the week’s high points and a spectacular showcasing of the label’s skill and craftsmanship.

Georgia May Jagger, Stephanie Rice, Nikki Phillips, Deni Hines, Phoebe Tonkin, Tammin Sursok, Annalise Braakensiek, Samara Weaving and Prinnie Stevens.

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