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Health 101** Body & Soul Revolution – Week 1

So yesterday my Body & Soul Revolution officially began, I’ve had a great head start thanks to Dietlicious – its 1,200 14 day cleanse menu has set me on the right track.


  • Here is a typical meal plan:
  • Rye toast w hummus + tomato
  • Spicy spinach chana dhal w basmati rice
  • Banana smoothie
  • Lamb ratatouille w italian vegetables
  • Green vegetables


The meals are actually really yummy, I’ve never felt full and it is giving me so much inspiration and ideas that I can continue to use beyond the 14 day plan. You can find out more information here


I have been struggling with the exercise part however, mainly due to not being able to get out of bed in the morning and having plans in the evening! Such is life, which is why doing a plan like this is so important, it has to be sustainable. If I do slip up and not go to the gym, for a swim or have a bar of chocolate – it’s ok because there are going to be times in life when you let things slip. I think the important thing to remember is to not beat yourself up about it, don’t consider yourself ‘off the wagon’ simply pick yourself back up and get back on the horse (so to speak).


The Body & Soul is actually really helpful in terms of providing support and advise. Posts such as ‘5 unhealthy excuses quashed’ make you realise that you can do it and that you’re not alone in times of temptation!


It counteracts the following excuses (Source:


1. “I don’t have time to exercise and eat healthily”

If you have time to watch the TV, then you have time to train. body+soul Personal Trainer, Kirsty Welsh, explains you can even exercise at the same time.

“If you watch TV at night, set yourself a target to do 10 squats during each ad break, or even each time you go to the bathroom.”

If you’re lacking motivation, it might be that you haven’t found the right kind of exercise to suit you. You’ll be more likely to stick to an exercise routine if it’s fun, enjoyable and suits your healthy lifestyle. So, if the gym doesn’t work for you, try running. If walking is boring, consider group exercise classes.

Likewise, if you can make time to eat unhealthy foods, you can make time to eat well, too. Take breakfast for example: what could be faster than a bowl of cereal with skim milk or a banana? Planning ahead will give you more time. Try to make sure the right foods are waiting for you at work or in your own cupboard, fridge or freezer.

2. “I can’t live without my treats!”

You don’t have to! No foods are banned, it’s the balance of what you eat that really counts. You can fit treats into your diet by recording them in your diary and making the appropriate adjustments to the rest of the day to keep to your calorie target. If you have a blow out, eat fewer calories the next day or increase your exercise to stay on track. Alternatively, you might want to consider a calorie-reduced version of your favourite treat – try something new and you never know, it might replace an old favourite!

3. “My job means that I have to eat out a lot.”

You can eat well when you eat out, but, there’s no doubt that this can be tricky. Portion sizes at restaurants are typically large, so this is something you need to keep a close eye on. Stick with the good choices on the menu such as grilled fish and meats with the sauce on the side plus salad and vegies. Avoid foods described as fried, creamy or cheesy. Do drink plenty of water with your meal. And keep a watch on the wine.

4. “I have a slow metabolism.”

It’s a misnomer that being overweight means you have a slow metabolism – typically the opposite is true, as it takes more energy to keep a larger body functioning. But even if you do have a slow metabolism, a sure-fire way to boost your metabolic rate is exercise. Aerobic activity (fast walking, tennis, fitness classes, etc) helps strengthen your heart and lungs while resistance training builds muscle. Muscle burns calories fast so the more you have, the more calories you burn automatically – when you work out and when you rest, too.

5. “It’s too expensive!”

There is no doubt that the fresh fruit and vegies, fish, lean meat and pulses that feature in any healthy eating plan can be costly. But compare the costs of a takeout meal with a home-cooked version and a home-made sandwich with a deli-bought version – the dollars (not to mention the calories) will really stack up against the shop-bought options. Another good trick is to check how much food processing puts onto your bills – for example, compare the price of a kilo of apples to a kilo of apple cake, or a kilo of potatoes and a kilo of potato chips. It’s always cheaper to buy ingredients and make a dish from scratch.

6. “It’s all too hard!”

Changing your whole lifestyle is challenging; we know that.  While you do need to make adjustments to your lifestyle, it’s about getting the balance right to keep your hunger satisfied and your enthusiasm high. If you really think it’s all too hard, share your thoughts on the forums – there are lots of other like-minded people waiting to inspire you and share how they overcame this excuse.

So here I go, I have two Zumba classes planned this week at my local Community Centre in Pyrmont, along with one yoga class and swimming three times this week – totally achievable!


I’ll check in next week to let you know how I’m tracking! You can keep across my meal updates via my instagram feed.

body+soul revolution: You’re only 10 weeks away from a new you!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.58.43 pm

It’s the first day back at work after the Australia Day weekend and to say I’m feeling a little fragile is putting it mildly. I may have over indulged – but then again, it would be un-Australian of me to not get in the spirit of things, right?

Well now I’ve decided to take a stand and to start to work towards the new me – I’m 29, not getting any younger, this is the last year of my twenties and I figure I should do what I can to look after my body (we only get one of them)!

Don’t get me wrong, with the array of wonderful events I get to attend, with the free bars and stunning food, it can be very easy to ‘have a night off’. Ultimately however, I have come to the conclusion that I should live by the moto ‘everything in moderation’, a quick fix diet isn’t ever going to work for me – neither is banning alcohol or amazing food from my life. All that I achieve by doing this is being miserable and gorging when the ‘fix’ is over (and probably undo all m hard work within two-hours).

As you may have heard, I am taking part in body+soul revolution! The body+soul revolution is a 10-week health and fitness online program scientifically proven to help users achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle – all with the help of our team of trusted body+soul experts (from nutritionists to sexologists!). I believe that this is the best way for me to start as I mean to go on, a lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.58.21 pm

I’ve also decided to put myself out there and will be documenting my progress throughout the 10-week revolution (so that I have nowhere to hide and so that I actually have to face this head on!).

Having scoured the healthy prepared meal delivery services across Sydney, these two have consistently come out on top – in terms of taste and affordability.

In additional to the body+soul revolution, I will be following a 14 Day 1,200 Calorie Kick Start Plan from Dietlicious (prior to the body+soul revolution commencing).

I will also be working with Hello Fresh during the body+soul revolution to provide you with information on meal plans, how tasty and affordable they can be along with insights as to how long they take to prepare. (For time poor, health conscious readers!)

Throughout the process I will be working out with my own personal trainer (plus swimming four times a week) – you have permission to shout at me if I slack off!

I will be monitoring my progress on body+soul revolution’s website throughout the ten weeks. There is a wealth of information as part of the body+soul revolution, you can find out more at

Now I will update you all with my progress week to week and will also post daily updates via my social media channels to see how I’m tracking. In the interest of being 100% transparent, I will update you with my weight and inch loss (fingers crossed!) as I progress.

Here are my current stats (inches will be added soon):

Height: 5’7” (170cm)

Weight: 72 KG

Dress size: 12

At the end of the 10 week body+soul revolution, with the help of Hello Fresh, Dietlicious and my PT I would love to achieve the following:

Height: 5’7” (170cm) – Shockingly the same 😉

Weight: 62 KG

Dress size: 10

I would absolutely love some support throughout this progress, maybe you might be interested in even taking part with me? To be involved it’s really simple,

Simply log onto for a free health and weight assessment, choose a program to suit your lifestyle and goals, and let the fab team of body+soul experts guide you through a 10-week program of delicious meal plans and recipes, easy-to-follow workouts and all the tips and tricks you’ll need to lose weight, feel great and boost your energy.


The body+soul revolution begins Sunday 2nd February 2014 at I have already begun with the pre-revolution detox to best prepare myself for the experience, you know what, I’m really excited about this!

You can also follow body+soul revolution here:

In addition the official hashtag for this phase is #bodyandsoulrev – join the conversation!

Charity 101** Cupid’s Undie Run to see thousands take to the streets in their bedroom best


World’s largest underwear run puts the ‘FUN’ in fundraising for Children’s Tumour Foundation

BDA Bonds Undie Run 10022013 0301

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a surprisingly ‘brief’ fundraising event on Sunday 9th February 2014 will see participants in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne take to the city streets in their bedroom best, as they join in the world’s largest organised underwear run, all in the name of an important cause.


Inspired by wildly successful events of the same name taking place simultaneously in 27 US cities,

Cupid’s Undie Run supported by Bonds is a jocular 1.5km jog through the city streets that aims to put the ‘FUN’ in fundraising, helping to raise important funds and increase awareness for the Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia.


Registrations are now open for the runs in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, which are expected to see more than 2,000 Aussies join nearly 20,000 runners worldwide, as they to take to the streets in various Valentine-themed undie outfits inspired by the event’s motto: “I’m With Cupid.”


Event organiser, Lee Mackie, of the Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia, said participants were encouraged to raise funds around their involvement in the lead up to the event, emphasising that all money raised would help to provide vital support services and fund research for Neurofibromatosis (NF) in Australia.


Affecting 1 in 3,000 Australians, NF is a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow on nerves throughout the body causing life-limiting, debilitating side effects. There is currently no cure.


“Cupid’s Undie Run is raising much needed funds, but just as importantly, it’s also raising awareness,” Mackie said, adding that the light-hearted and positive tone of the event meant it also acted as a celebration of the good work done by the organisation.


“Our participants love to ‘dress up’ for this event and have a bit of fun with it; guys will shave hearts into their chests, girls will wear wings and tutus – it’s a fun time from beginning to end,” said Mackie.


Local venues including Bungalow 8 in Sydney, The Caxton Hotel in Brisbane and Watermark, at the Docklands in Melbourne, will each host pre and post-race festivities from noon, where undie runners will be able to celebrate their successful fundraising efforts.


Registration includes a race day shirt and costs $40 as of 16 January, increasing to $50 on 2 February, so it pays for participants to register early.  Runners can also earn custom Cupid’s undies and VIP Open Bar status by fundraising. Places are limited so early registration is essential. Event and registration details for each city are available at


The 2014 Cupid’s Undie Run supported by Bonds and founding sponsor Radio Rentals will be the second time round for Australia, as Brisbane and Melbourne join in the fun following a phenomenal first year event in Sydney.

What’s On: City2Surf this Sunday!


The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac – be quick, registrations filling fast!

This year the world’s largest run and Sydney’s favourite sporting event, The Sun-Herald City2Surf will take place on Sunday, August 11.

Organisers are urging anyone keen on participating to register now, as more than 20,000 participants have already entered and entries are capped at 85,000.

Last year the City2Surf raised more than $4million for charity and this year the target has been set at $5million. Participants are encouraged to run for a cause close to their hearts, with more than 650 charities taking part in the fundraising initiative.

Early bird entries are $65 for adults ($45 for children and $15 for under fives) with registrations after April 11 available for $80 for adults ($60 for children and $15 for under fives).



Key dates:

General entries open City2Surf Expo, Moore Park City2Surf
Sunday, August 11, 2013

Location: From College St, Hyde Park to Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW

For further information, please see


What’s On: City to Surf celebration hot spots

This will be Sydney Social’s fifth City 2 Surf and were really excited! We love the way that all the runners team together to spur each other on… Even when it comes to the notorious ‘heartbreak hill’.

Another aspect of City 2 Surf that cannot be ignored is the celebrations that take place following the 13k run from Sydney’s CBD to Bondi Beach!

Bondi is literally awash with runners, their supporters and a stonking great atmosphere! Here is a list of Sydney Social 101’s top picks to raise a glass (or ten) to the runners of City 2 Surf!

Lets begin with the Beach Road, a venue that requires no further introduction or explanation! If you don’t fancy queuing for the bar for 30 mins minimum or don’t like venues that are packed to the rafters, here’s some other gems:

Lox Stock & Barrel

140 Glenayr Ave, Bondi

Deli Diner – American

Harry’s Espresso Bar

Shop 2, 136 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi Beach


Bondi Picnic

101 Hall Street, Bondi

The Crabbe Hole

1 Notts Avenue, Bondi


El Topo

Rooftop, Level 3, The Eastern Hotel, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction


North Bondi Italian Food

118-120 Ramsgate Ave North Bondi


Jo & Willy’s Depot

286 Campbell Pde, Bondi


Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

Level 3/1 Notts Ave, Bondi Beach


Sean’s Panorama

270 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach


Sefa Kitchen

292 Bondi Road, Bondi

Middle Eastern


126-130 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach


Ruby’s Diner

Shop1/173-179 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction


Porch Bread and Wine Parlour

17/110 Ramsgate Avenue, Bondi Beach


Three Blue Ducks

141-143 Macpherson St, Bronte

Modern Australian

The Bogey Hole Cafe

473 Bronte Road, Bronte


178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach


Bronte Cucina

463-467 Bronte Road, Bronte


Fitness 101 – Get fit in Bondi

Here at Sydney Social 101 we’re always looking for new ways to keep fit and remain healthy – work hard, play hard right?!
Here are a few products and services that can help us all along the way:
Vie Active
Vie Active is Australians premium active wear brand, born in Bondi and founded by Noa Ries, a personal trainer, triathlete, mum and fitness instructor. Noa saw a gap in the market for functional and stylish active wear that could sustain the toughest workout and you could still feel great in at 4pm after a full day.
Vie Active was born out of a belief that being fit and healthy is a way of life. Cofounders Noa and Bryan draw their inspiration from a lifelong passion for active sports, high-performance athletics, and their dedication to a healthy lifestyle.
Vie Active’s inaugural range has been developed with the finest Australian Merino wool and this high-tech performance fabric and design details are attracting Sydney’s top yoga instructors, fitness trainers and health professionals and just after launching Vie Active has an impressive list of activists who love the brand.
Detox in a Box
Shireen, (owner and founder of Detox in a Box™), welcomes her Moringa leaves to Sydney. Shireen comes from a family of Agriculturalists, Health Professionals and Natural Therapists. Currently studying nutrition, Shireen; a Coeliac, had both parents suffer from Cancer, this is what drives her toward a balanced, disease-free life.
She is a wife, a mother, health-preneur and wellness advocate, who resides in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and desires to share her Grandmother’s wellness secret.
Shireen has produced a range of herbal organic detox tea’s and is the first Auatralian owned company to bring Moringa tea into Australia. Moringa boasts an impressive range of health benefits and is the basis for educating on the benefits of Moringa. Detox in a Box products are organically farmd and wholly Australian owned. The benefits of Moringa are just starting to become known in Australia and these products are paving the way for healthy nutritious beverages.
Blake Worrall-Thompson, Bondi Celebrity Trainer, Founder Ministry of Wellbeing and successful 6 Weeks to Sexy Program
Blake is well known around Bondi and one of the most sought after fitness experts in the country. Blake’s innovative and holistic approach to health and fitness has seen him become a regular in a number of publications around the country and the fitness expert on ‘Eat yourself Sexy’.
Blake has been running a successful female six week program – Six Weeks to Sexy and has seen tremendous results with clients hailing from Bondi and its surrounds. So successful that plans to take the program online and interstate (already in Adelaide), Blake will be able to spread his fitness and health wisdom around the country.




 The newly renovated Marlborough Hotel and innovative brewers Young Henrys have joined forces to give Sydney’s live music scene a welcome injection.  The aim of the project is simple, to showcase local, original and independent artists.



Every Thursday night, the front bar of the Marlborough will beat to the sound of the drum of the inner west’s independent live music scene.  Droning guitars, cold beers and the rhythm of the kick drum will set the scene for a free weekly line up of local bands and sets from the Young Henrys DJs.  The project is a collaboration between Marlborough Hotel licensee Richie Haines, Dan Rule of Annandale Hotel fame and Young Henrys brewer and founder Richard Adamson.  The trio share a passion for two very important things: music and beer.


The project follows hot on the heels of Young Henrys’ release of Brew Am I, its successful collaboration with band You Am I.  Supporting and fostering local artistic talent is something the brewery is passionate about, “Grassroots venues are so important in the nurturing of young bands”, says Adamson, “take a venue like the Hopetoun as an example and look at some of the names that played there – bands like Augie March, Dappled Cities and Bluejuice.  It’s critical that young bands have supportive venues to play in when they’re starting out”.


The night is a perfect fit for the Marlborough, says licensee Richie Haines “For me it’s the last piece of the puzzle in the transformation of the Marlborough.  I took over the venue late in 2012 and we’ve completed a huge renovation that was all about restoring the venue and giving it back to the people of Newtown.  I’m thrilled to be involved in a project so quintessentially Newtown”.


The Young Henry’s Live Project happens every Thursday night from 9PM at the Marlborough from August 1.  The first week will feature GRETA MOB in a special, stripped back and semi-acoustic mode, supported by LOS POPPIES and of course ice cold Young Henrys Newtowner on tap.


Day Four** Rhiannon Fish, Brian McFadden, Natalie Bassingthwaighte And More Reveal Music Choices For THEIR Favourite Christmas Moods

Christmas music given a shake-up as stars from around the World share their own Festive/holiday playlists with fans on to celebrate free trial. On the fourth day of Xmas the way to dance around the tree… is listening to my fave star’s playlist on for FREE

Sydney Social 101 is excited to announce that a music streaming service has overhauled traditional Christmas playlists in favour of more modern mixes created with the real moods of the festive period in mind; reflecting the different ways we all celebrate Christmas in 2012. We’re HUGE fans of Xmassy songs here at SS101 HQ and we love a sneak look into the musical tastes of our celebs, so this is right up our street! the easy-to-use instant music service – has enlisted the help of global music stars and names from the worlds of fashion, food, sports and entertainment to update its festive playlists. These famous faces have created hand-crafted compilations inspired by their own festive experiences, to give their fans a glimpse of exactly what they’ll be listening to this Christmas

Whether that’s giving their fans tunes for a hip-hop inspired Christmas party (thanks to UK rapper Tinchy Stryder), songs to enjoy with friends during the break between Christmas and the New Year (courtesy of Home & Away actress, Rhiannon Fish), giving their fans tunes for a hip-hop and dance inspired NYE party (thanks to Actor, Model and CelebrityDJDidier Cohen and Actor &MTV VJ, Keiynan Lonsdale) and even a high-energy playlist to help shed those pounds after all the excess of the party season (created by music artist and XFactor judge, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, as well as Urban Pop artist Timomatic), these new playlists have it covered, whatever mood you’re in.

Other playlists include music for driving home to see family during the festive period (put together by Australia’s Next Top Model judge, Charlotte Dawson), songs to recharge after NYE and get ready for 2013 with (compiled by Media Commentator and Entertainment Editor-at-Large at, Melissa Hoyer), and even tunes to reflect on the good times from 2012 (from musician Brian McFadden).

The move comes as gives the gift of music and launches its seven day free trial so these playlists – and many more already created by some of the biggest rock, pop, and urban artists in the world – are available to all completely free of charge.

Nick Massey, CEO, said, “We’re really excited to be working with all of these big names who are all passionate about music, to deliver an early Christmas present and celebrate the launch of our free trial this December. As a music service that offers songs for every moment and mood, we wanted to create interesting, hand-crafted playlists that fit how people are really feeling at this joyous, hectic, crazy time of the year. As well as these quirky festive-themes playlists we also have others curated by global music stars from all genres for our listeners to enjoy all year round.”

Until January 31st anyone can find, play and share unlimited music from millions of tracks available on, completely free, for seven days. Just log on to online and use voucher code HOLIDAY2012. After the seven day free trial is just $0.99 (AUD) and $1.99 (NZ) per month for the first three months, then $7.99 (AUD/NZ) per month after that. is also available on-the-go via apps for  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and Windows 8 devices. Online and mobile costs are $2.99 (AUD/NZ) per month for the first three months, and then $12.99 (AUD) and $13.99 (NZ) each month.


SOCIAL SPY** Stylerunner’s Exclusive Launch Party

Ladies say goodbye to your daggy sweatpants and baggy gym clothes – as the first online sports store dedicated to premium, luxurious active wear has just been launched in Australia!
Yes, you heard us right!
Stylerunner is a collection of sleek functional and practical gym wear that also has an element of glamour.
And yesterday Sydney-based twin entrepreneurs Julie and Sali Stevanja, who founded the new brand, invited some of Sydney’s finest to the Stylerunner launch, which was held at the Ivy Sunroom last night!
Naturally, Sydney Social 101 got an invite to the glamorous function, which was was packed with media, and also included many celebs such as Aussie model Cheyenne Tozzi,  swimming champ Geoff Huegill and TV chef Adriano Zumbo.





And keeping along with the fitness theme, the Aerobics Flash Mob surprised guests with a fun-filled dance routine and even stripped out of their glitzy evening outfits to show off some of Stylerunner’s new collection!
It looks like going to the gym has just got a whole lot more glamorous!
Ladies don’t miss your chance to pick up your stylish new work-out gear at
Sydney Social 101’s roving fashion, food and beauty reporter Jennifer Shelly Fletcher attended the event.


– Raun Sutton, 37 of Western Australia, sheds almost 40 kilos and is named Australia’s 2012 Slimmer of the Year –


On Wednesday 19th September Sydney Social 101 was invited to witness a pretty amazing awards ceremony; the 2012 Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards – As we sat and waited with baited breath at the stunning Zeta Bar at The Hilton in Sydney’s CBD we saw Raun Sutton’s inspirational weight-loss and lifestyle transformation story, which saw him lose a staggering 39.7kilos (a third of his body weight!), and clinch the title of ‘Slimmer of the Year’.

Slimmer of the Year 2012 – Raun Sutton

Almost 500 national entries were received, with judging based on weight-loss, health improvements, efforts to inspire others and overall transformation, Raun was one of the five Australian State finalists selected to attend the gala event.

Proving that gender is not a barrier when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Raun won over the judges to become Australia’s first-ever male winner in the history of the competition.

Now a role model for other Aussie men, Raun is happier and healthier than ever. Commenting on his motivations and new-found way of living he said:

“My decision to join Weight Watchers came last October when I experienced what I call ‘a shatter moment’. I was walking to work one day, feeling unhealthy, out of breath and perspiring. I caught sight of my unhappy self in my size XXXXL shirt and 44-inch waist trousers, and realised that something had to change.Taking advice from a work colleague, I joined my local Weight Watchers group and haven’t looked back since.

“At first I was surprised at how simple Weight Watchers really was! I still eat out and have the occasional glass of wine, but I’m now educated on healthy eating, portion sizes, balanced meals and knowing how to live and enjoy my life.”

Speaking at this year’s Awards, Weight Watchers Australasia Managing Director, Joseph Saad said:

“What a year it’s been! The 2012 Healthy Life Awards have uncovered a wealth of unique and truly inspiring stories. These awards are definitely not about discovering the member who has lost the most kilos in the shortest space of time, some of our contenders have demonstrated how simple changes to their everyday habits have had a significant impact on their health and general well-being.

“We’re so proud, and somewhat overwhelmed, by the confidence and opportunities that have arisen across our members’ lives as a result of being on the Weight Watchers program. With so many success stories to celebrate, we faced some challenging decisions when judging for this year’s awards.

“However, we’re thrilled to be crowning our first-ever male ‘Slimmer of the Year’! Gone are the days when weight-loss programs are women-only zones, men need a helping hand too and Raun further cements the message that the Weight Watchers way of life can be tailored to suit so many Aussies, regardless of their age, gender and target goals.”

Commenting on his triumph, Raun added:

“I’m happier and healthier than ever, and feel blessed to have had my story recognised and celebrated nationally. It’s been an amazing and incredibly humbling experience, which has provided me with all the tools I need to maintain my goal weight forever.

“Looking back at pictures of myself at my unhealthiest, it’s easy to see how unhappy I was. For those wanting to take the first steps towards a healthier life, I hope my story encourages you not to hesitate any longer.”

In another first, Raun will become the only male Weight Watchers member to have ever graced the cover of the Weight Watchers magazine when he stars alongside New Zealand ‘Slimmer of the Year’, Janneke van Rooijen in the December issue.

New Zealand’s Slimmer of the Year 2012 – Janneke van Rooijen

With his new title and beach-ready body, Raun will soon be enjoying his prize of a six-night escape for two in the Cook Islands flying Air New Zealand.

With almost 500 remarkable stories submitted from across Australia and New Zealand, entrants to the 2012 Healthy Life Awards have lost a staggering 10,347 kilos! As a Platinum Partner and in celebration of each kilogram lost by this year’s entrants, Weight Watchers is donating $10,347 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Throughout the evening Sydney Social 101 and other guests were treated to yummy canapés and the wine also kept on coming! All in all a very inspiring event, which Sydney Social 101 has the honour of attending for the second year ina  row!

For more information and to read more about this years winners at the 2012 Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards, visit:

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